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  • Sorry for the late reply. The issue with the mkv gti is due to the timing belt tensioner. The timing belt itself was fine. In any case, the fix was temporary (for me) unfortunately. The tensioner is squeaking again and i'm out of warranty.

    As far as your mkiv gti, i'm not all too familiar with mkivs but see if you can take your serpentine belt out all together. If the squeaks are gone, then it was your serpentine belt but if it isn't then it may be related to your timing belt and or components (rollers, tensioner, etc).
    Hey man. I have been reading up on a forum you started a few years ago! The squeaking coming from the engine bay. I am only on page 3 and it looks like you may have just gotten the issue resolved with getting a new timing belt? I have an 04 MKIV GTi that has the same problem. I am hoping this could fix my issue as well. I live in Roanoke and saw you mentioned Lynchburg. Let me know if you're still squeak free and exactly what it was thatfixed the problem if you dont mind! I would greatly appreciate it! I am no longer under warrenty so i dont want to have to go in as many times as you have!
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