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    Dice iPod Car Integration Kit

    Selling a Dice Electronics iPod Car Integration Kit. Originally purchased it when I 'wasn't going to do a lot of mods' and intended to keep my stock stereo. Purchased from EnfigCarStereo in March of 2009. Model: I-VW-T / 5V. Condition: Brand new, still in box. Enfig is selling them for...
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    WTB: Stock MKV Tweeter Pods

    Looking to buy a set of the stock tweeter pods (plastic housing included).
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    First Honda I would trade the GTI for.

    On second thought...
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    Las Vegas Stereo Shop

    Just curious if anyone has any personal experience with a local stereo shop that they would feel comfortable recommending, versus the usual plethora of 'horrific experience with x' accounts. I have, for the most part, done all of my own installs since I was 16 but as I start to seriously...
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    2K9 GTI: Factory iPod > Factory Aux-In

    I (very) recently purchased a 2009 GTI with the factory iPod adapter. For reasons unbeknownst to you but beknownst to me, I want to switch this to the factory aux-in (3.5 mm) input jack. Here are my questions: 1. From what I can tell (without tearing my center console apart) the factory iPod...