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    Spark plug snapped

    Looks like part of the ceramic section has broken off into the cylinder Compression is fine, cannot see anything with a borescope and is running good with new plugs and doesnt seem to be any worrying noises coming from the engine, so far my tuner thinks the engine is ok But whats the next step...
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    Idle hunting

    Ive always had abit of idle hunting when cold with the rs4 injectors but yesterday its staying permanent and afr gauge is showing rich on idle.. Car sometimes hesitates alittle bellow 2,000rpm but only sometimes and very slightly Car is fine on wot and so are afrs, im thinking some kind of vac...
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    wotbox flat shift setting

    what are people running on there wot shift settings? does the default setting adjust to how fast you shift anyway or not? im using default atm and shifts seem very fast and smooth
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    GTI VS Audi RS6 C6 765bhp

    mate of mine got an audi rs6 c6 not sure if you got these in the usa or not so you might not know much about them, its a 5.0 v10 twin turbo 580hp stock to put into perspective of how these cars compare to some here are some vids of the same level of tune as his rs6 vs 458 italia...
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    side exit exhaust (under sideskirt)

    anyone running a side exit exhaust?
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    WOTBOX Fitting DIY tips

    about to fit a wotbox asap, going to do it myself.. dont have any electrical experience but following the online instuctions for mkv it looks pritty simple.. anyone done this theirself and followed the instructions online? isit as simple as it looks? my car is a uk car and im presuming the...
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    GTI Has a gtx30 turbo on 30psi holding 27-28psi.. full engine top and bottom and full lightweight its approx 490-500whp and 1 passenger C63 AMG has exhaust/headers/intake/tune owner said it has dynod 575bhp, im not so sure these make this much power, i belive they do around 550bhp with similar...
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    Best recirc valve for big turbo application

    Im running a gtx30 turbo and currently using the forge recirc.. Alot here in the uk complain this doesnt hold boost very well? I was thinking of trying the forge supersize? Any thoughts?
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    wotbox, bad or no?

    whats peoples thoughts on the wotbox? ive had one laying around for about a year now and im having some work done right now and was going to have it setup, but my meachanic told me its bad for the turbo i have a gtx30 with a built motor.. there not that popular here in the uk, but seem popular...
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    H&R RSS + advice on more parts

    i have kw v2 at the moment everything else chassis wise is basically stock apart from ap racing brakes, i have waiting to fit Quaife lsd Whiteline anti lift kit H&R 28mm front and 26mm rear sway bars im thinking of changing the v2's for the h&r kit.. i know there harsh but car is only a...
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    eurojet/ie valve cover and catch tank

    looking to fit a billet valve cover.. i see there is 1 fitting for a catch tank, i also belive the 2nd catchtank line will go to the hose which clips onto the old pcv plate? if so how do i connect the line from the catchtank to this? thanks
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    TTRS RS3 LPFP Problems

    i have been having problems with my gtx30 mk5 cutting out in 5th and 6th gear since the build.. has there been any reported problems of this due to the rs3 lpfp Thanks
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    clutch on big turbo car

    what clutch setups you chaps running on your gt30 cars etc? had probs with my southbend drag clutch so wont be going southbend again.. anyone running fx725?
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    clutchmaster twin plate fx700 race clutch

    anyone using this clutch? or 750 etc etc
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    southbend clutch problems

    Was out tonight in the car had a little blast with an m5 ripped him to pieces lol then pulled up to a stand still tryed putting it into 1st and nothing, if i turn engine off i can select all gears try to start it in gear with the clutch down and it will jump forward didnt get any slipping or...