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    OEM Sway Bar with adjustable links

    Trying to set my adjustable front swaybar end links from Whiteline with my OEM swaybar and have a question. Everyone says the bar needs to be parallel with the frame/ground but it looks like if I do that the bar will be touching the control arms. Anyone have a pic of the OEM bar in its correct...
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    Rear tail light wires

    Anyone know what repair wires I would need to replace the wires in the passenger rear outer tail light? If I could get a new plug that would be great as well.
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    Newton Iowa Speedway Sept 14th Track Day!

    Newton Iowa Speedway Sept 14th Track Day! Uploaded with I HAD to post up this track day. The club has some cars that would be amazing to drive or watch go around this road course. Ever wanted to run on the NASCAR speedway with your car so you can brag to your buddies? Want to...
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    Went out to my car this morning and it didn't want to start. New battery 12/11. Alternator tested 14.5v at the alternator. Battery tested 11V at the terminals and when testing with a DMM at positive terminal on battery and grounding point on chassis. Thinking that there could be an issue with...
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    Rear Defrost Switch Blinking

    So my rear defrost switch is starting to act up or something is causing it to not work properly. When the car is started and I turn on the rear defrost I can hear the relay click up under the dash. Sometimes the click to turn on is a slower. While the rear defrost is activated I can hear it...
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    Sat Pinouts at Sat box

    Can someone tell me what the pinouts are on the Canbus plug at the Sat box? I removed them a while ago and don't remember what goes where. I never removed the can bus just the line outs.
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    Bluetooth plus Aux/Sat

    Does anyone know if there is a certain way to code the Bluetooth unit 1K0051473 for the premium 7 unit in a 2006.5 GTI when running Sat or Aux? i was originally running the Sat unit wires as an aux input since I don't use my XM module, but when I installed the Bluetooth it was showing line...
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    WTB: Rear bumper

    The wife backed into something with my car so I need a UG rear bumper upper cover. If it's not UG and cheap enough then that would be fine to as I will just repaint it.
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    Offset question

    I'm looking at a set of winter wheels that are cheap. The wheels are 16's with a 50ET. Will this offset work on the GTI or will I need spacers in order for them to clear the calipers?
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    Battling Cylinder 4 misfire

    I have 76k miles on a 2006.5 GTI manual. I had the coil packs replaced around 50K under the tsb. The fuel filter was replaced around 60K and the cam follower around the same time. I just replaced the spark plugs and have swapped the coil packs between all of the cylinders but hasn't fixed the...
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    Head Swap

    Has anyone on here swapped the FSI and TSI heads?
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    No steering controls = clock spring

    So the only thing's not working are the buttons and the horn. The steering wheel buttons illuminate and the airbag light hasn't come on....yet. This just happened all of a sudden. Before I assume it's the clock spring is there anything other than fuses to check? I used my vag com and got the...
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    knocking noise under car

    So I replaced the 2 sub frame bolts under the car that was recommended since I developed a knocking when changing directions. I used the bolts from ECS in their sub frame kit. I didn't use the complete kit because I couldn't get the damn spacers between the body and the sub frame. The knocking...
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    Intermittent Misfire

    So here's the tale. I will every once in a while have the cel pop up and it's due to an intermittent misfire with cylinder 4. The coil packs were replaced at around 50k miles thanks to the TSB from VW. I swapped coil pack for #4 and #1 around but the issue is still there. I replaced the spark...
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    iPhone4 with factory radio

    Did some searching and looking for the simplest not crazy expensive way to hook up the iPhone4 to the factory radio. Everything states iPod but it's a bit hard to find options for the iPhone4. Honestly the main thing I listen to is iHeart Radio so maybe just swapping out the sat radio with an...