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    This forum is almost dead

    Despite having 188k miles on my car, I only drive it 3 miles a day now (round trip to train station). I still look forward to smashing the gas pedal everybody for that short stint though :)
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    Getting rid of my MK6 to buy an R32 (not the VW kind either)

    Post pics man. I'm looking at doing the same thing through my co-worker who has hook ups in Japan (he lived there for several years and very knowledgeable about cars).
  3. LightningRhod

    Tesla loses $50 million in 1st quarter as costs rise

    Temporary. It's the nature of R&D and production of a new product, you have spend money on the resources to design and build the product. Once the product is released, they earn the money back on sales and then earn profit.
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    I think it's ruled that fumble recoveries are not reviewable. Looks like Bowman has a torn ACL. What's even more disgusting than the injury is that apparently as Bowman was being carted out, a Seahawks fan poured popcorn on him. That's absolutely disgusting if it's true, no matter what team...
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    The fumble with Bowman wasn't really one of them. Yes in a fumble pile up, possession changes all the time under all those bodies. But there were a number of bad calls that would have been game changing: 1) Yes, 15 yarder where the hit to the head did not occur: bad call 2) 5-yard roughing...
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    This. As a Niner fan, I actually had a lot of respect for the Seahawks, and even Sherman. Yeah Sherman trash talks a lot, but his philosophy is that he trash talks to bring out the best in the opposing players because he wants to play them at that level. But after Sherman's post game...
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    LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
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    What're you gonna do with your tax refund?

    Gonna pay for the SPM OEM BBK I ordered haha.
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    Yes I agree. There are a lot of those type of 49er fans, especially now. I call them "Fair Weather Fans". They only rep when they are winning. It's REALLY annoying. As a Niner fan myself, it disgusts me. I never understood the level of animosity between Raider and Niner fans. Both are home...
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    2015 Mustang GT vs 2016 Golf R Discussion Thread

    Honestly, just test drive both and see which one you like. You can compare them on paper all you want, but its best to get first hand driving experience in both cars before you make your decision.
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    The number of Raider haters in the Bay Area is also ridiculous.
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    Underrated Movies

    Grandma's Boy.