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    Passenger Door Wont Open

    Hi Guys, im stuck and really hoping someone can help me out ! My Passenger door stopped working from the outside handle so i ordered a new handle but the torx screw that is supposed to release the lock is stripped and just keeps turning ! Is there any way at all to get into the door without...
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    What Rear Brake Disc sizes do i buy ?

    Can anyone tell me what size rear disc brakes i should buy for my 2004 Golf 1.9 TDI SE MK5 please ? I was about to order some mintex ones off ebay at 255mm and it said to make sure my golf has 255mm. Is there any way of knowing bar taking the wheel off and measuring ?
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    Fuel Cooler Needs Rebolting

    hi guys, not been on a while but have a quick question im hoping someone can answer. I have had my 2004 Golf Mk5 1.9 TDI back to Volkswagen for a health check and been told that my Fuel Cooler needs rebolting...can anyone confirm to me where the fuel cooler is on my car ? is it under the...
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    Drain / Syphon Fuel on my MK5

    Hi guys, just had a call from my mrs telling me shes put £20 of unleaded in our MK5 diesel car, i told her not to drive or start it up and she hasnt and fortunatley its round the corner at my local petrol station. I myself drained my old corrolla by unbolting a screw underneath but ive looked...
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    Wierd Rattling Noise on my TDI

    hi guys i desperatley need some help. i traded in my last car for a 2004 Golf 1.9 tdi 10 weeks back and been having a few problems such as it not starting straight away when the engine is hot, constantly on engine light and 2 weeks ago a rattle that gets louder the longer the car is running...
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    Wierd ticking noise on my mk5 tdi

    Hi guys been a while since ive been on the forum as ive been sorting my wedding out but ive got a wierd noise coming from my car, when i was coming back from my stag doo i approached a junction where theyre was walls either side of me and i had my window open and i could hear this wierd ticky...
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    Advice on Parts for MK5 Golf

    i dont know if this is the correct section to post and is probably a stupid question to most of you but ive just got a golf tdi and the previous owner has not been very careful with the inside door handle leaving key marks all over on both the driver door and passenger door, ive been trying to...
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    WTB MK5 Golf Wheels

    Im looking to by some 17 or 18" wheels for my golf, if your selling a pair either post your forum link or your pics and pm how much your after for them please..need to be in the UK and in lancashire would be perfect :)
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    Cheap Mod Suggestions

    Ive just got myself a 5 Door Golf 1.9 TDI MK5 and im keen to make some cheap alterational changes to the car, im not interested in alterating the performance just mainly interior and exterior styling and would love some suggestions and pics what others of you have done to yours :)
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    question about none GTi Front Grill

    ive just bought a tdi and am wondering if its possible to buy different style grills for the front to make the car look a little different (or like a gti) without having to remove the front bumper entirely