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  • Hey,

    they look great but they're kind of slow .... If i have the money I'll go for the X910BT pioneer. Someone's selling on craigslist for $900 obo.
    I got mine for $399 + $100 for install.

    I'm actually looking for a new one now, getting bored = P

    Hey! Thanks!
    I was going to message you but i found the site when i was searching up the DIY threads so i didn't want to bother you since i already knew. But thanks anyways! I'll hopefully do it sometime in the next few months!

    I do not know, but I think it is a bit expensive. I have an other suggestion. You can actually change only spring instead of coil overs because you said you don't want to go too low. A new set of spring plus installation only costs 400 hundred dollars. I'm sorry i don't really know how to distinguish good or bad.
    I can try to ask for you if you really want to those set of coil overs, but i cant guarantee. I will need the actual photos of them.
    I dont really know what coil overs are bad or good,so you should ask more professional people. Yet, a few thing you might need to consider first. For example, how much does he wanna sell it for ? How long has he used it on his car ?? Also, the warranty is very important, too. Do you have any picture of it ?
    I picked the coil overs so that there was no shipping fees. Becaue the mirror is a total replacement, I just keep the original one in my storage. You might need it in the future. That's about it.
    the coil over you bought did u have them shipped. What are you planning to do with your old mirror cap keeping them.
    Yeap, you should take a look for the websites as well, or you can wait for the used one. If you want to know where to install them, my friend got me installed for 220 for one adjustment . i can refer you to him if you want to.
    If you still have any question, please free to leave any message ^^!

    Good Luck
    Hello, Sparke

    I only spend 71 dollar for mirror cover and brushed and install it by myself.
    You can get them here
    Yea, I wanna chip my car as well, but it is not the the priority for the mod. I think I am going to get a set a sexy rims first haha, and the coil over I bought it from another member in this forum. He was trying to part out his car, so I was luck to get them first. The one i got is FK High Sport and you can get them here : and
    Thanks ur car is looking pretty sharp too. Are u planning to make it go faster? what type of suspension did u going with and how do u find it? I am plannig to lower my car but not to much just want to cover the wheel gap.
    Today 04:13 AMlarry890717
    Yes, I just lowered it on last Friday, and I feel really good about it. I like ur car's colour very much. I wish I had the white one, and I believe ur car has great potential on it.
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