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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Any OG’s left in here?
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    OZ Futuras

    These may not fit on GTI's but I am posting them on here just incase anyone is interested anyways. For sale OZ Futuras 17x9.5 et22 2.5" lips 17x10.5 et27 3" lips Center bore is s2000 hub spec Faces are powdercoated an oem silver with some metallic. Lips are full polished. Barrels are painted...
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    Kurupt's s2000 Racekor thread

    Might as well make a thread to whore pictures of my car here since I still troll around the forums. Anyways, I traded in my GTI a little less than a year ago for an S2000. When I bought it Cleared the headlights and taillights and lowered it Repainted the wheels Rollers going to Simply...
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    **Stanced S2000 Thread**

    if u dont like them, then gtfo.
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    FS: 18x8 Miro LM reps

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    tornado took burger hahaha
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    fantasy factory

    fucking awesomesauce
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    any longboarders?

    just got a new board the other day to replace the handidown I got from a friend that was completely fucked. anyway post up ur board!
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    wtb hood bra

    looking to buy a gti hood bra. looking for just the leather part that goes over the front of the hood. thanks.
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    Black to the Futura

    Well I finally had them mounted and it was extra nice outside so I decided to call some friends and we had a mini meet/photoshoot. . Futura wheel & tire specs are 17x8 17x9 et45 215/24/17 all around Enjoy! IMG_2252 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_2255 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_2263 by iDoWerk, on...
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    wheel teaser

    tires should be coming today, I'm excited!
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    futura teaser

    Sadly they won't be mounted till I get back from my next trip for my work(merchant mariner) so it's gonna be a while... but I'm too excited haha
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    anyone around?
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    matte black classix $400 savannah, ga

    for sale local only for 400. I'm willing to drive a little ways. located in savannah, ga. they need to be repainted/refinished and tires only have about 5000 miles left on them.