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    paint scratches(rant)

    i just hate it when i find new scratches on my car. well poor me i was looking at my mirrors today and there was a huge gash on it. im guessing i could get some touch up paint for this?
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    upgrading wire harness

    searched but couldn't find anything. Anyone know how to change the wiring harness for your fogs. I want higher watt fog lights and i know it'll burn out the wires or might melt the housing so was wondering if anyone gots any info on it
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    irvine vagcom

    can anyone help me turn my fog to 100% setting with cold diagnostics plz. Well anyone in the irvine/oc area? please and thank you
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    new hump day pictures. (wednesday i mean) the hump of the week is wednesday...

    hope you guys like the pics. courtesy from my friend who drives the bmw. i haven't really shown my car before on here so it's the UG one.
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    After having the DP for 8000 miles it's just starting to give me a headache. So i went back to stock. :frown: so if anyone can do a local pick up near Walnut/Diamond Bar area or Irvine i'm good. selling for $250. SOLD!!! SOLD!