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    What is it with this bridge and GTI drivers!?

    Third VW and second GTI in 2 months. Can you city guys start avoiding this area? Anyone recognize the car? You may have read about this one like 6 weeks ago.
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    Anyone on here?

    I did a search and couldn't find it posted. Was this anyone on here?
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    Trip to New York

    My office in the red circle... sitting there right now!
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    Modern Warefare 2 on the PS3

    I came home to this on friday... I had the kontrol freek extensions for one week before they were consumed. I ordered a new set already... BAD DOG!!!
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    Ok, I've participated in this type of thread on other forums and it's always entertaining. Something you want to confess? Maybe you enjoy Yanni? Is The Notebook your favorite movie? Funny or embarrassing romantic encounter? Fess up and spill it here... I'll start: When I'm driving in...
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    East Coasters, You Getting Snowed in Again??

    I found one I took in the summer with boats...
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    East Coasters, You Getting Snowed in Again??

    This is what it normally looks like...
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    East Coasters, You Getting Snowed in Again??

    Rain here... although my office sticks out into LI Sound so we're usually a bit warmer. This is what I see right now:
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    Custom Jetta Grill Setup (BMP)

    SOLD Jetta front end with the large chrome panel painted BMP to match my car (which I've since sold). I brushed all chrome pieces to match my brushed mirrors with the exception of the VW logo which is nice and shiny. Not much else to say. All 4 pieces are in great condition and were only on...
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    Lexus LF-A Revealed and Priced

    Production Lexus LFA supercar makes world debut 10/21/2009, 9:42 AM By Drew Johnson It’s been a long time coming but Toyota has officially taken the wraps off the Lexus LFA supercar at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The LFA may have lost a hyphen during its development process, but the world’s...
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    Why do these pictures look like crap?

    Some shots I took this weekend. I think I have some setting fucked up on my DSLR. I took these with my Nikon D80. I also took pics with my LG Dare that look great while these look like grainy garbage. Is my ISO too high or something?! I put it on auto and it used to take great pictures but...
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    Sorry guys... I had to. Leaving VAG...

    Well... I ordered a 135i today. 2010 for $700 over invoice ($3,115 below MSRP). I got first allocation so I should have it by the second half of October. The GTI will be for sale around the end of Sept. Specs: Space Gray Coral Red Leather 6 speed manual (obviously) Glacier silver trim M...
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    Air France Plane Disappearance...

    First off, I am extremely sad about this accident and my heart goes out to those involved. That being said, am I the only one who is captivated by this? They had a guy on the news this morning that they asked what this compares to and his reply was "Emelia Earhart." If it took like 70 years...
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    A few pics of my pup

    It was either this size or HUGE!
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    ShamWow guy beats up cannibal hooker!