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    FS: 2006 GTI
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    FS: Stock parts and one milltek quad exhaust tips for sale

    Anyone interested in buying some stock parts? Here is the list --06 gti stock suspension $250(beee used for only 1000 miles) --06 gti stock full exhaust system $ 300(same as above) --06 gti stock intake $35(been used for 3 month) --06 gti stock tail light $90(still looks brand new and only been...
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    Need some help here!!!

    I know this is not the right section to post, but I really need some money right now. That's why I am here to ask your peoples help. I have a set of 06 OEM 17" classic x for sale. Its been on the sell and buy section for a while. Here is the link to the thread w/ pics...
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    chip question......plz help

    hi guys, my car has been chipped w/ GIAC for about 4 days now. car feels great. however, when I was driving last night and this afternoon as well I have experienced some weird problem. I was going around 70 or 80 mph, but all of a sudden when i release the gas paddle cuz i was about to break and...
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    any GIAC dealer in POrtland that you recommend

    My car is chipped w/ GIAC by Matrix Integrated, Inc. but I just had a WFC(Warp field collapse) should I go back and let them reflash it and adjust the fuel pump or is there any other GIAC dealer in Portland that you recommend? thanks guys!
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    got chipped!!

    My car just got chipped w/ GIAC today. what I can say is WOW! the acceleration is fast in the pump mode and I can hear my my carbonio intake sucking in the air even w/ my window closed. exhaust is louder than before as well. great throttle response. but i still have few questions about some of...
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    just a few questions

    I'm going to chip my car tomorrow w/ GIAC and I was just wondering will it affect any VAG com change that Ive done to the car. I've got the euro light switch and disable the DRL. thanks :thumbsup:
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    Forge cold air induction kit

    has anyone try this kit?? im thinking about getting my car chipped so i want to upgrade my intake. i have the carbonio right now.
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    what is the wieght of the stock 17" w/ tire?

    like i said, i would like to know the weight of the stock 17 ' w/ tire. too lazy to search:biggrin:
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    FS: OEM 17" w/ tires

    FS: OEM 17" w/ tires...$600 shipped I have a set of OEM classic X for sale. tires have about 10000 miles on them. some curb damage on the wheel. asking for $600 shipped $450 pick up. Let me know if you are intrested in buying.:drinking:
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    WTB: 18" Huffs

    looking for OEM 18" Huffs. Let me know if you are selling... Thanks
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    looking for sound clips

    anyone has a sound clip for a GTI w/ eurojet ea pipe?
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    body kit or paint the stock side skirt+rear valence and front spoiler

    ^^^^ what do u guys think? spend the money for body kit or just paint the stock side skirt+rear valence and front spoiler. OR save the $$ for some performance mod, like chip:clap:
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    anyone did a dyno w/ carbonio?

    anyone did a dyno w/ carbonio?:iono:
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    WTB: 8000K D4S bulbs

    anyone know where can I buy 8000K D4S bulbs? I have tried lots of different website, but I just can't find it. So help please!!:help: