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    MKV movies

    MKV as in the video format and not the car. Anyone have a good source to dl movies in 1080p MKV format??
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    Does anyone have an invite code they can send me? Pretty please? THX:w00t:
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    What would you do?

    What would you do? UPDATE. Pics and Vid!!! 7-28 update! Wow this thing burns well. uploading now. So I got off work pretty early today so I decided that its finally time to get rid of this thing. Yes, I could have just thrown it away but whats the fun in that? I could have just lit the...
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    -=Ketchupfreak’s Parting Out, Saying Goodbye Thread=-

    Im selling the GTI because I just purchased an Infiniti G35 sedan. 8-4 All parts have officially been sold!! Thanks you guys for a quick and painless(almost) parting out thread. Golfmkv has been great and I'll always come back to peek around! 7-28 Turboback and H&R RSB are both pending...
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    I may be leaving the VAG family soon...

    For a BMW 335i. Test drove one and holy shit. It blew my mind. The endless power, the fit and feel of the interior, the solidness of the car...I am now looking for a CPO or maybe a new E90 335i. Yea its a lot more expensive than the GTI but I feel like I'm pretty much done with my GTI and...
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    ketchupfreak vs 07ish Mustang GT Convert

    So heading back from my gf's house in Pomona, I spotted a new looking GT convertible with factory body kit. We started driving spiritedly but not really racing for a good 10 miles till we hit a great straight stretch on the 210. He was in the carpool lane, topdown, with a passenger and I was...
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    Anyone up for Irwindale tomorrow?

    If you are, I'll be there! Try to find me.:23:
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    WTB: Blue tinted blind spot mirrors!

    Yup. I want me some
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    JawBone 2 -=Black=- Brand new sealed!

    I picked up 5 Jawbone 2's and 3 of them are already sold. I still have 2 sealed units. Im looking for $100 each. Buyer pays actual shipping. These retail for $129.99 plus at your ATT store.
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    So whose going?
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    puzzlefarter :lol:
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    New exhaust tip!!

    Had a Votex kit put on and my EJ exhaust didnt stick out enough. So yea...I did this so the kit wouldn't burn. The bad thing is that it fell off on the freeway anyway. lol. I'll post some "after" pics once I get my exhaust extended.
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    How do you take off the Votex Rear valence?

    The piece with the exhaust cutout. Tried turning the black knob on the bottom of the bumper but it would not budge. Any tips?
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    Pioneer D3 for sale

    Pioneer AVIC-D3 for sale Im replacing my D3 with the new Pioneer F90BT so its up for sale. I need to keep the dash kit so the unit and Ipod cable are both for sale. I'd like to sell both for $550 shipped(Price Adjusted). Unit works perfectly and I love it to death but I need some of the new...