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  • Hello All,

    Curious to know about input on what I should expect in on future repairs/maintenance to keep this MK5 GTI running through 150k.

    I am almost at 80k, knowing I have my DSG coming at this mark.

    I have a misfire right now in cylinder 1 & a misfire coding in general. My repair shop, which I trust very much (even though pricey) says I am most likely going to need a walnut blast as I probably have carbon build up.

    So far other repairs I have done (note my car is stock) are all the normal maintenance up until this mark.

    I have replaced my PCV, as reading on some forums people just say to replace it. I had a LP Fuel pump replaced as well as a Wheel Bearing around 50k.

    Are there repairs/maintenance things I should just do before hand to keep it in optimal running condition?

    Love to hear your feed back
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