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    MKV R32 VS M3 and MK6 GTI

    My buddies MKV R32
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    MKV K04 VS Civic Si

    Some MKV and MK7 content here for you. t8zMXyJjADA
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    My youtube channel

    Plenty of MKV racing and otherwise video's on my channel. All of the MKV content is my car, good races VS STI's, RB26 silvia's, supra's etc. Check it out.
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    FSI VS TSI K04

    Why is the TSI always making more power with the K04 then the FSI?
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    K04+Revo Fsi

    I have been trying to find a few dyno's of an Fsi with a K04 and Revo software and i'm unable to find any that list power to the wheels. Can anyone chime in and let me know? So far i've only found a few and they where sub 300whp this seems off or is that really it for the ko4 on the fsi?
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    Entered a burnout contest

    Won best FWD and 2nd overall. j83pYgYKcN0
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    Southbend clutch kit.

    Does anyone have any experience with the sbc kits? I am trying to decide between the stage 2 endurance and stage 2 drag kits. I am concerned that the drag kit will be to sensitive for daily driving, is this a valid concern? I basically want the fastest shift times and least rotational mass...
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    Just a little (Big) Burnout

    Comment and enjoy... _ZfoWCVO4Kc
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    MKV K04 VS RB26DETT S13 VS E85 650HP STI

    Here is me and my GTI vs 2 600+HP cars. I'm not going to describe to much the video speaks for itself. The STI Dynoed 649AWHP and the S13 Dynoed a little over 700WHP on race gas and 30PSI. We raced until the white line on the road that you can not really see. I know everyone will not believe any...
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    Some Videos of My GTI

    150 Ft. Burnout: Hillclimb: Wot Box 2-step: 178mph Top Speed: Burnout I did in my 8X8 Wrecker while in Iraq: The Car is a full bolt on Revo STG2+ GTI...
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    Stg2+ GTI vs Celica GTS

    I usually dont post stories here but this one has some humor to it so I thought Id share. Driving back from a show and shine here in Idaho there was a blue Celica GT-S (Newest body style) with a full body kit and 2millionK hid's. He came up along side me looked over and yelled "wanna race!" I...
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    Uphill racing in my GTI

    Its not really a vs but I have a good channel on youtube of my vw. I did some hillclimb events in it and placed 1st over all, Its just a local event but I had a faster overall time than a c5 z06, 3 Evos, 4 sti's, a lotus elise, tons of hondas, 2 mkIII supras, and a mk4 gti. Not bad for stage 2+...
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    Adjusting rear camber

    Can anyone tell me how to adjust the rear camber? Id like more negative camber so that I can better tuck my rear tires. Please direct me to a diy or describe the process or parts needed. Thank you
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    High quality transmission stop leak?

    My manual transmission is leaking or weeping may be a better term from where the bellowing portion mates to the differential portion the seam there. It occurred after I replaced my transmission fluid with redline mt90, now I'm going to change to motul 300 gear. But is like to add something to...
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    Amg wheel polishing question

    I just acquired a set of amg wheels off of a 2001 CLK amg, they are silver in color and I believe its silver paint. Would I be able to sand off the paint and give the wheel a high shine polish? Any one know what ill need to mount the wheels? I've not received them yet. Vehicle is a 2007 GTI...