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    My ABT Supercharged MKV R32

    Hi guys, Been away for a while since I sold my MKV GTI. Image below: Build Thread here: I'm now back in a MKV R32 which I bought off a fellow Forum Administrator Jose (aka JIG). I don't plan on doing much more to the...
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    Opti-Coat Review

    I've never been a fan of the concept of paying the premium for a new car, then being shoved into the little room with a sales person trying to drill you for even more cash for paint protection. The outcome of this discussion got me deal to review the Opti-Coat product on my own car...
  3. Justin Fox Driving Holiday to Tassie/Targa Tasmania 2011

    Just thought I'd share an epic trip with you guys who might never make it down to Tasmania, hope you enjoy :) DAY 1 This is a shot of the group leaving the shell on the m5 towards Melbourne. Chris and Cam are in Chris' red MKVI GTI. Jason's alone in his MKIV GTI and Nath's alone too in his...
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    Sydney AUSTRAIA - Cruise to Robertson - March 2011

    EDIT: Now on SPEEDHUNTERS! Visit: :D ------------------------- It's our 2nd year running and we're planning to do one big cruise/year. We had over 50 cars this time around and thanks to...
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    PICS: City Performance Track Day - Eastern Creek

    What: City Performance ( and Driving Solutions ( Track Day. Where: Eastern Creek Thanks to AP I got an invite to a City Performance Track Day at Eastern Creek yesterday. I was pretty close to not going (bit broke atm...
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    JDMST EOMM MAY 2010 - Pictures

    So a few Golfers represented yesterday at the monthly JDMST EOMM (end of month meet) at JDMyard. There were over 100 cars yesterday despite the crappy weather. Chris Brasher was there shooting for Speedhunters and a crew were there filming for a future show on Discovery Channel too. Here are a...
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    2010 VW Nationals Show and Shine Sydney AUSTRALIA

    Hi guys, just sharing a few photos from yesterday's event: HEAPS more pics up here:
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    My MKV GTI build thread

    DAY 1. JIC Magic / CROSS coilovers. OSIR carbon hood. S2T paddle shifters. Forge Twintake. Milltek turbo back. Advan RZ. Kics Project studs. Odyssey. REVO Stage 1. Neuspeed pulley and turbo discharge kits. Eastern Creek (photo by Mark Pakula). Solid mounts...
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    A few Golfs spotted on a trip to Hong Kong

    Nothing out of the ordinary, but my fiance Christina couldn't help but take a shot of every single Golf she spotted on our 1 week trip to Hong Kong and China (she's pretty upset she couldn't get the camera out in time for a couple of others too :lol:). OK onto the Golf spotting! Christina...
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    DIY Rear Wiper Delete

    I've done this on a few cars in the past (my R32 GT-R, DC2R Integra, EG Civic, ED Civic), not so much for weight saving, but more for a clean look. I did a search on here and found that the DIY at the top of the list in the sticky thread is no longer working so I've done my own: Pull the...
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    Just a few pics from the first cruise to Terrigal, hope you guys enjoy, we sure did! :D Christina created this route map to hand out to everyone on the day. Fille'r'up! Way too early in the morning. Pre-meet at Broadway - Christina and Anthony's kid Jet get the walkie...
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    Christina's R32 Golf - Featured Ride on JDMST

    More on Christina's car here: Hope you guys approve!