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    Gigabit WiFi 6 Mesh System Recommendations?

    Don’t get too hung up on Wi-Fi6. Most devices don’t need more than 100mbps to do anything they need extremely smoothly. A lot of devices also don’t support it yet. Wi-fi 5 will be more than enough. What’s more important is the router itself is capable of doing gigabit and not just the interface...
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    Anybody running Win 11?

    Nah, will wait for the official release and then it will be laptop only. Once I feel it’s stable then will update the desktop. the preview right now probably doesn’t have the hardware restrictions in it yet but 8 series Intel and 2000 series ryzen are requirements. That and the TPM chip you...
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    New Ad Popup - Anyway around it?

    If you are a bit technical PiHole is a network ad/malicious site blocker. Basically you set it up as a DNS server for your whole network and it filters all DNS requests blocking things you don’t want.
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    Turbo lamp

    Thanks all for the kind words. Super easy to do this so if you do upgrade your turbo its totally a option.
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    Turbo lamp

    Been working on this project for a few weeks now and the final part came in today. This is the old turbo from my car that has a failing bearing in it. Decided to make it into something since they look pretty neat to begin with. I think the desk lamp turned out pretty well. I wrote more up on...
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    Best Chicken Sandwich?

    I loved these!
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    This for sure, other than talking to a few security minded friends its useless because nobody else uses it.
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    It’s only to talk to a few security friends. It’s their preferred medium for communication. It’s basic and secure.
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    Anyone Use the Signal App?

    Have the App Store signal app on my iPhone, the contacts access is optional. It’s purpose is to find other signal users to communicate with. I have the feature off so it doesn’t go through my contacts.
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    VW Infringes on TaTa Patent

    Haha none of those cars are off road worthy
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    Tapatalk not working with this URL

    Looks like VWvortex just did their upgrade to ZenForo and have Tapatalk working just fine.
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    Discord is good for active communication but really bad for historical data. Same goes with Facebook. Forums work way better for finding info on issues, parts and guides.
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    2021 Ford Bronco

    As others have said im not their customer and wont be getting one. But I like that the US has some has another offroad capable vehincle option, we have so few. Buddy of mine had a Bronco when we were younger and I see the resemblance, it looks nice.