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    Full car plastidip

    I snagged up a full car kit a few months ago but I've been waiting on things to warm up to spray. Should be shooting the car in the next few weeks. Anyone got any advice to share that will help me get better results.
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    Plastidip whole car

    I ordered the full car kit for my rabbit. Was wondering who else on here has dipped a full car and suggestions on spray technique.
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    AWIC SRI Manifold for 2.5

    As most of you know everything I do takes entirely too long but I got the ball rolling on the next part of my turbo rabbit project. Kinda sick of having complex charge pipe routing and blowing couplers. It has been discovered that the intake manifold is one of the biggest bottlenecks on the 2.5...
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    Sharing things I've learned about the 2.5

    OK so I have learned a wealth of knowledge I wouldn't trade for a reliable car from my past years tinkering with the 2.5 and hanging around on 2.5 specific forums. Anyone else familiar feel free to chime in to correct me or add to the knowledge in this thread. First off I'd like to get this off...
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    Lake Stevens Vag Com and DIY help.

    I'm located on the North East side of Lake Stevens. Down to meet people up at the Shell Station on Lundeen PKWY between the two traffic circles or Frontier Village. I'll also be throwing some VW BBQs, DIY events, cruises and whatnot as part of in the near future as soon as I'm...
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    The most Epic thing ever for c2 owners or people considering End user flashing... something that just makes owning a car that isn't supposed to be turbo just a wee bit less of a headache
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    24 Hours of LeMons in WA Was wondering if anyone was going to watch this or knew anyone participating. Already too late to enter a team.
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    Pics of custom painted denvers/Huffs

    Been taking a break from the performance stuff to tidy up the turbo bunny a bit this year. Paint is in pretty bad shape and somehow I wound up running Denvers in my quest for a cheap out attempt at lightening my wheels after having 19" RS4 reps. I've come to the conclusion I'm still not really...
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    Show n Go Plate Bracket

    found a few threads on these on my search but all pics are broken because its such old info. Was wondering if anyone had a show n Go front plate bracket on a rabbit with the normal textured lip the base model comes with. Cleaning up my front end a tad over the coming weeks following someone...
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    Vacuum Manifold

    So at the moment my engine bay is a bit of a vacuum line rats nest and I've noticed a few lines have started to dry rot so it seems like a good time to redo em all in a clean and organized manor. Been eye balling the 42dd vacuum manifold for quite some time...
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    Lynnwood/Everett area Vag Com

    EDIT: Bought a house in Lake Stevens, in the midst of relocating. Will Start new thread
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    Child seat questions

    As of a week ago I have 3 kids. Fortunately I've found they can all be stuffed in the back of my MKV and WRX though some more space would be welcome which brings me to the actual question. My 2 year old son is in something like the 92nd growth percentile. He's 42lbs of solid muscle and tall...
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    Evap Fault

    I keep getting evap faults on my rabbit. Now about a year ago the tank was drained by jumping the fuel pump and the injectors and rail have been seperated from the intake manifold a few times in timing cover replacements. I've checked over the lines and fittings and they all seem in tact. Guess...
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    Might need an extra set of hands

    My dumb ass pulled my lip and part of the bumper off on a parking curb a couple days ago. Having a bitch of a time getting everything lined up nicely doing it solo. Anyone have a warm dry place near Lynnwood/Everett, some free time this weekend and a taste for beer somebody else pays for?
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    235s on denvers?

    I've had a set of Denvers on my rabbit for a while now with a used set of OEM Potenzas from a 08 stg 2+ fsi GTI. Needless to say after about 7k of use from my car added on to the use of the original owner means I've just about burnt these through. In El Paso I always had a little heat in the...