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    New to the Vw scene…

    So updated I’ve fixed the oil pressure gauge, I also bought another Golf. Still love the Mk5 but I’ll always be in love with the Mk4 body, it’s so clean just love them..
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    What’s shaking

    What’s shaking
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    Introductions thread (Part 2)

    so first time owner of a Gti love it so far. It’s an 09 Gti 3 door, and that’s all I know about it. It had leather seats in it when I acquired it, I took them out and got the plaid ones. Had black stock wheels I replaced with Vision Monaco 18 x 8.5. But as I said I’m new to euro I’ve been a Jdm...
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    New to the Vw scene…

    So let’s begin with I love this little car reminds me of my old GC8 Impreza coupe. Have a few questions about it.. it has a hose delete I’m not familiar with that is in the picture and not sure about any other mods it may have. I traded a 2005 Nissan 350z straight across for it a few months ago...