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    Front plate freedom day!!!

    This makes me feel good, I just took my plate off in the front because it was blocking airflow to my oil cooler. I don't park it on the street ever in Chicago but was nervous about getting a ticket if I'm driving around. Now I just have to decide what I'm doing about the nasty bumper holes...
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    Hood won’t open!

    Same method but grab a pair of needle nose pliers to try and grab onto the broken cable. Good luck!
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    Hood won’t open!

    Hey Kris, You can take the drivers side wheel off, fender liner off, and then you should be able to reach your arm up there and grab the cable to release the latch. Have had to do this a few times when I forgot to re connect the cable to to mechanism when taking the front clip off.
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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Does halfway OG count? What if I namedrop Neek? Anyone has this setup mang?
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    Honda parts

    If anyone has a fun honda, I'd surely be interested in reading about it if you have a build thread. I've toyed with the idea of building a civic track car for a few years.