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    EOI: Mini part out...

    Ok looking for some interest in my car goods :) Bluefin handheld unit - $550+shipping Sollldd Neuspeed P-flow -...
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    Bluefin Handheld unit resale?

    Good evening boys and girls (only kidding, we all know there are no girls on the internet...) a nice shiny new thread because i'm pretty sure the circumstances changed some time last year in regards to the reprogramming of the bluefin units. Whats the deal with re-sale of the handheld units? i...
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    125cc Thumpstar bike

    Like the image shown, a 125cc thumpstar pitt bike but with fox decals. Slight rust spots Broken brake line holder It's used condition, but never crashed or dropped, just damaged from being moved around... only ever been through 1 tank of fuel. Don't be fooled, it may look small but i'm 6'4...
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    EOI: Canon 1000D SLR x2 lenses etc...

    Just looking for any interest in my camera, not used much, taken less than 1000 pics i'd say, comes with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II and the EF75-300mm f/4-5.6 III. Also included; a 36" Tripod, travel bag, high speed memory card. No damage, camera is perfect afaik ok thanks paul, note...
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    Old man channels alien....

    So thaaaaat explains the gfc :wink:
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    225/40/18 KHUMO KU36's Brand New

    As the title states, my 18" wheel order has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances, this meens i have the KU36's available for sale, as i'd rather not have them lying around doing nothing. Looking for $900 ONO Perth People please, unless your willing to sort out/pay for a courier but...
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    In 5
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    Hand Polishing

    Can anyone give me a link, or a description of the process of hand polishing wheels? Namely new ones (so damage repair isn't nessicary) Strip down the clear coat? then do something with sandpaper? then use some sort of polishing agent? :thumbsup:
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    Badgeless honeycomb?

    Anyone know of a DIY or anything for creating a badgeless honeycomb grill?
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    OT: Melbourne Watch Out!

    James is coming :wink: I should be travelling to Melb some time during july, thinking of the 9th to the 12th... for an extended weekend! Any advice on things me and my mates can do while we are there? Places to go, things to see? places to shop... night spots etc :thumbsup: Fire away! p.s if...
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    Landscape design

    I was bored today... so i became a landscape designer! :lol:
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    OT: Home audio

    Now, i searched, but i didn't find a similar thread, apologies if there is! :yikes: I know that some of you are 'audiophiles' and know a thing or two about audio equiptment... now, we are renovating our house, so a new Audio system is due for the 'entertainment room' We are not Millionaires...
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    OT: Star Trek

    Just went to see this film... 8/10 Awesome movie, really pulled me in, loved the casting aswell, all the characters where honed to perfection (well to me, maybe not a star trek freak..) right down to James.T.Kirks lean in the captains chair :thumbsup: Has simon peg in aswell, which is a bonus...
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    BB5 LM reps brand new (BB5's yes you heard right!)

    Here's the scoop, i have a contact, who has 10 sets of BB5 LM reps (yes the ones everyone wants) coming direct from the factory, specially ordered on my request :wub: 5 of these are spoken for already by members of the Australian section :thumbsup: Ok details: Sizes are 18x8.5 ET 45...
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    BBS LM REPS (BB5's, you heard right)

    Long story short... A company directly copies BBS LM reps in every way, just changes the badging on the centre caps to BB5, everyone loves them... BBS get wind... take everyone who sells them to the cleaners. (including raderwerks etc) James in the know happens to be in the know about 10 sets...