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    Going back to stock! Whole car package. Need to trade MD/VA/PA

    In the ideal situation I would like for someone to just take all of it for your stock parts, regardless of milage. I would like to see if someone would want all of this for stock and you pay for the labor of the switch at one of my preferred local shops (induktion or NGP) I have an 07 FSI GTI...
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    No air conditioning and these codes. HELP please its too damn hot out!

    049508 - No Communications with HVAC Control Module (J301) U0164 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00101000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault Frequency: 1...
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    BFGoodrich g-Force Sport 235/40/18 MD/DC/VA

    85-90 % tread life left on these. Got them with the car but decided to put all seasons on and just looking to sell these to get another set of wheels in 19" for summer. They were only on the car 5,000 miles at the most. One tire has two plugs but holds air perfect and never lost pressure...
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    FS: Verizon Wireless Network Extender - $200 OBO

    Works perfectly and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Moving and no longer need this so please make an offer. Samsung Verizon Wireless Network extender SCS-26UC4
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    FS: BRAND NEW! CIM boost gauge w/vent pod package & 42DD MKV PVC plug & boost tap

    FS: BRAND NEW! CIM boost gauge w/vent pod package & 42DD MKV PVC plug & boost tap I have a Brand new 42DD MKV PVC block and Boost Tap for FSI vehicles PRICES: BOOST GAUGE SOLD! $35 boost tap Shipped PAYPAL for shippers and Cash for locals. PM me or email me at
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    Did not trade in the GTI, gave it to the wife for this!

    I could not help myself. I got an amazing deal on a 05 Audi S4. The Dub is still in the family and now the wife has the tuning bug. Although her thought of tuning is pink wheels. Anyways here she is; AWE catback, H&R springs, and light tint!
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    WTT: TT Downpipe with highflow cat for Stock FSI downpipe

    Sorry I did not mention that this is a Techtonics Tuning Downpipe....sorry for the confusion There is one catch, you pay for the swap or do the work yourself. I am buying a new car and giving my wife the GTI so I want the GTI to be a tad bit tamer. It has about 50k miles on it but it is in...
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    volkswagen man cave

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    DIY: CiM boost gauge install

    Got in touch with the guys at Concepts in Motion last week about this install and thought i would put it up just in case someone else needed it. I will put some of my own pictures up tomorrow after my install.
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    Stripped PVC screw hole BSH stage 1

    I have been debating on telling this story all weekend but now i believe i have caused a boost leak in my PVC system by being a jackass. I bought the BSH stage one PVC remap and love it. I put it on originally but found a small gap on the left side of the plate (the side away from the tube)...
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    DIY: AEM Dryflow filter cleaning

    Just thought I would do a quick write up for everyone that has an AEM Dryflow filter on any of their intakes. Mine got dirty really quick so I just went ahead and got some cleaner. Seeing I am snowed in I guess it is a good time to clean what I can. Any questions let me know. Directions...
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    WTT: My Interlagos Seats for your Leather...can be Audi A3 seats as well

    As the title states I would like to keep this local because I really cant take the seats out of my daily and ship them on their way. If anyone is interested let me know. My seats are in perfect condition and that is it. PM me.
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    Finally dug out! horrible "blizzard" 2010

    I am originally from Buffalo, NY so i understand snow. Maryland on the other hand doesn't really know what to do with 3 feet. Hell even in Buffalo this would have killed us for a day. Snapped some pictures after we finally figured out where to put it all. Anyone else have a horrible weekend...
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    Techtonics tuning DP and AWE catback

    Looking at getting a downpipe for my GTI and I already have a AWE catback. I love the sound now. I was wondering if anyone else here has this setup and if you have any sound files/impressions you would be willing to share. Thanks.