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    Whatcha Having for lunch today? (with pics)

    We recently purchased our house and I accidentally transferred money from savings to my CC, instead of checking. I had to wait 8 days to get that money back. I was using the mobile app and for some reason it lets you transfer money to Credit Card. If I wanted to pay my card.... I would use the...
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    Whatcha Having for lunch today? (with pics)

    My lunch consists of random snacks :lol: Luckily they're pretty healthy snacks. I was too lazy to make my lunch last night and this morning I was in a rush. Anyone else use brown paper lunch bag?
  3. Jaber not loading?

    On a Friday, which is payday for some people :eek:
  4. Jaber not loading?

    This is the response I received:
  5. Jaber not loading?

    Looks like they fixed it. Their cert is showing valid now. So people probably just need to clear their browsing history or try another browser.
  6. Jaber not loading?

    Their SSL cert expired. You can still browse the site, just have to tell browser to ignore the expired cert. but personally wouldn't buy anything until their cert is renewed.
  7. Jaber not loading?

    Try contacting them on one of their social media accounts.
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    Extended Warranty/Auto Service Contracts

    Ford ESP - Had it for my Jeep I purchased used. They were easy to work with and paid the shop over the phone via CC. It was simple, I could take to any ASE cert shop, they diagnose, call for approval and give deetz, Ford ESP approved and paid them the amount, less my deductible. All in all, they...
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    Hyundai i 30 N

    ^this. Interested to see what kind of power they can get out of this with tunes and aftermarket parts.
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    Random Rant Time

    I usually got it with the double stack.
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    Random Rant Time

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    Random Rant Time

    You want to get shanked? cause that's how you get shanked. I'll fook'n wreck you m8.