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    FS: UG Reiger Diffuser and Bastuk 3" Quad-Tip Catback!

    Hi guy's a friend of mine is looking to sell his Reiger Diffuser + Bastuk 3" Quad-Tip catback. It's in great condition and was actually on the EVOMS shop car and hasn't seen much street life! Asking: $1000 + Shipping OBO
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    wtb: stock front lip / side skirts

    as the title states looking for the stock black/textured front lip as well as the side skirts. Looking for someone local, however if you have them and are willing to sell them for a good price let me know!
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    EVOMS Toys for Tots Meet/Dyno Day!!! December 15th

    Hey guy's as a former employee of EVOMS i'd like to welcome every to the EVOMS Toys for Tots Meet December 15th from 10AM - 3PM Here's directly from the FB page: Us car people spend money on making our toys faster, stronger, look better and last longer. During the holidays as we find ourselves...
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    FS: Ross-tech Micro Can USB cable

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    It's been real fellas!

    Sold my baby last week: Picked up my new baby the day after and gave her a quick bath today: i LOVE the S4, but i miss the feel of the GTI especially with the K04. Never understood why people missed their GTI's after they sold them but now i definitely understand why! :thumbsup:
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    FS: K04 TSI CW 2009 GTI w/ DSG Low Miles!

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    CW: Votex Rear Bumper

    Selling my painted CW votex rear bumper 9/10 condition! I'm also willing to trade my bumper for OEM LED tail lights (I already have R32 OEM tinted ones, so don't PM me about those) Price: $300 + shipping
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    Quick update for 2012! HRE Wheels | EVOMS | ER | GHL | OSIR

    I got a set of HRE P40S a couple months ago (first one's in a size 18" in the world) but decided not to take any proper pictures because i wanted to change some things up. Well after waiting about 3 months i finally got all the parts i wanted which included: R32 bumper + GHL cat back + Osir...
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    delete me!

    grr double post
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    FS: APR RSC Catback + CW Votex Rear bumper (Arizona)

    FS: CW Votex Rear bumper (Arizona) Just got my R32 bumper along with the GHL catback so i don't need both of these parts anymore :cry: Bumper is in excellent condition i'd rate it a 8.5-9/10 no cracks or anything. EXHAUST IS SOLD asking for $400 + shipping
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    need part number!

    does anyone happen to know the part number for the rubber/silicone piece that goes around the actual fuel filler? Or better yet the part number for that whole assembly? I best i could find was this, but it doesn't list what i need:
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    Removing fuel door?

    After trying to follow i ended up breaking the gas door mechanism/actuator and now my gas door won't lock.. FML can someone PLEASE create a DIY?
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    WTT: APR RSC 3" cat back for R32 style cat back

    As the title says wanting to trade my APR RSC 3" cat back for a r32 style cat back ***Also willing to trade my full turbo back APR 3" down pipe + RSC 3" cat back for a r32 turbo back***
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    New for 2012 ***TEASER***

    Fuck that i hate teasers here you guys go :happyanim: These are the HRE P40S's and mine are the VERY first set to be made in 18's. A proper photo shoot is in order after my R32 tinted tails arrive :thumbsup: