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  • Whats up man i actually sent u a message on youtube lol ( disregard that message if your reading this one) im looking to do a nice exhaust set up. Something similar to your Setup cause i think that out of all the set ups i seen yours was by far the best. Instead of doing a ghl dp tho i was thinking maybe a Eurojet or a APR dp. And i was also considering catted. ( Only cause i hear our cars smell bad when their not catted) i wanted to run it by you since u already have experience with it. Any advice or opinions on those two dps? I live in new jersey so i am only looking for a stainless steel DP cause of the fact we get harsh winters. Thanks for any feed back ! :cool:
    Hey whats going on man. Its Jesus from the forums. I just have a couple questions regarding the hitch mount.

    I have been reading on some of the forums about a few of the issues others had with fitment on the exhaust. Some say that it would rattle with the exhaust, and that with aftermarket exhaust the hitch would also be in the way. I do kinda like the idea of the hitch mount tho.
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