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  • hey man i seen your purple rims and loved them im wondering what that exact color is though...its the purple ones that have a black lip...kinda like a snowflake one of your posts you described them as your old rims. thanks alot
    Hi buddy,how you doing?
    I finally installed those bags but what a shock i got,i have the uvair sport bag with oem struts but the car sits higher than standard even if bags are compressed.
    I think the installer messed up or is this normal?
    I was hoping to go from standard height to at least 70mm lower but i`m confused with the outcome of the installation.
    What shorter strut can i get of these 4: FK,Koni,h&r or eibach ...... i`ll have to import FK but if this is the best of the 4 then i shall do that but others are readily avail.
    Thank you
    So in the back is there just a spring seated in the arm? and do you think i "NEED" to pull my fenders, or is that just a safety feature u did :)

    Otherwise yeah sounds good i have those tire sizes... i have -3 deg. camber in the rear... that good?

    Might still end up getting a skid plate... im looking into bags anyhow so this all might just fall through but incase i decide to go for it im glad i got it down

    hey mann had a question, been following ur CW gti for a long time.
    had a question i recently got Alphards and im looking into getting a certain look down.

    In this pic:

    What tire size and Coilovers (perches and helper springs in or or out) were u running?
    also did u have a frame notch im worried if i dont shit will go wrong...
    im wanting to get a skid plate but im hearing that its not a good idea? for clearance issues...

    anyways i hope you take this load of questions as a compliment :)

    Dude your car is one of the nicest that i have seen on this forum. I was wondering if you could help me with a poke and stretch application for my MK5 cw gti. Im not looking to do 11" in the rear but maybe 10" or so. If you could help me i would appreciate it.
    Thanks man


    Mabey those wheels are sold, but i have a question wat purple colour is that on your bbs rs wheels?
    The pictures here this sale topic.....?

    I saw some other pictures but those wheels where another colour purple and darker.....

    Do you have a code ore numer...?

    Thanx Henk Wassenaar from the Netherlands

    You've got one of the most beautiful mkV ever....

    I don't have another set on me at the moment, but when I searched ebay I just searched Mercedes Wheels and there were a few sets that popped up.
    hey man im looking for a set of alphards.
    i know you bought your set on ebay but cant seem to find any ,..
    dou have a extra set ?
    what do i search for on ebay?
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