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    FS: Neuspeed Intake about 10k mi on it

    Hello Everyone, It is a sad day to announce that I am selling my Neuspeed Intake with about 10k mi on it, just cleaned, and I will include the cleaning kit (K&N) with it. I sold the GTI (for a '09 Jetta) because I have gotten two tickets in two years accumulating $1300 and 10 points. Needless...
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    Car Audio Question

    Alright fellas, I just ordered a Kicker Solo Baric 10 in L7 pushing out 600 RMS at 2 ohms. Will there be a problem hooking that up to a Power Acoustik 2 channel also 2 ohms and 450 RMS. I just dont want any problems when I go to install is all. Links...
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    How to...

    How do you "get sponsored," I have always wanted to do this, and I figure if there is a method I would like to know before I dump several thousands into the car in doing it the wrong way. Thanks
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    What should I do next

    First and foremost I am going for sneaky fast...I dont want a flashy car to attract high school teens or cops. I want it to look stock but sound and run differently. I just installed a NS CAI. What should I do next, money is not a huge issue as I can save up for the parts. Thanks guys.
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    Is the NEUSPEED Race Series Cold Air Extension Kit Worth It

    I just bought a Neuspeed P-Flow from Kmusk (good dude btw) and I am curious being that I am a novice to all of this, is the extension kit worth the $200.00 or should I invest my money elsewhere (in the Dub of course). Thanks for the info
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    Any Interst for a Fredericksburg Meetup

    I am trying to get some people for the EE Militia. Maybe we can standup a VA chapter. Come on people, you VWs I love VWs so why not get together and bullshit over some VWs and if I have my way some brewskis. Meetups sitting on your car bs-ing about your car is lame. Meetups sitting around...
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    Repair Blown Sub

    Anyone know a guy, that can repair subs in the VA area. Or that can tell me if it can be Kicker Solo Baric L5 is blown :( Today is a today that will live in infamy! Thanks guys.
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    Scuffed Routan

    I scuffed my wifes Routan, w/ the GTi side mirror, any ideas on how to get it off. I used both a cleaner wax, and a compund but to no avail. I dont think it is through the clearcoat. Thanks guys..
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    FS: Capacitor for Sale

    Power Acoustik 2.0 Farad Capacitor, slightly used actually hardly. Bought new and decided didnt need it. I have the original case, no scratches or anything like that. I can provide pics if needed, it is sitting in my garage right now. I am thinking $75 shipped...
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    Noob Question

    :help:I googled it, is the dogbone mount the same as tranny mount insert. I know they look different but just curious. Please easy on me, if I am in fact a moron. I am trying to learn all of this.
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    Installing a Capacitor...

    I have a capacitor that I would like to put into my car, cause the amp get really hot after about an hour and change and shuts off automatically. It is an older amp w/o a fan hooked up to a 12' kicker solo baric. I wanted to take some of the stress of the amp w/ a cap and also stop the...
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    $125 where do I spend it

    I have no mods done but would like to start. This is what I have budgeted right now. I have a 12' kicker solo baric...w/ amp. But I am looking to start modding a little a time. I live right by NGP, if I can get it there even better. I am thing is a 2008 Black GTi 2dr Auto w/ about...
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    Feeler: Gorilla Gear Mat....w/ Blocks

    Gorilla Gear mats used twice, and I have had the car for 13 days. Name your price, and I would prefer local. Looking to move it so that I can get some PARTS.
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    WTB Car Amp to power one sub

    I am getting ready to buy a Alpine type-R 10", I need an amp to power it. It will take me two weeks until I am ready to buy something else just trying to get something together now. Prefer local, to avoid shipping. I got nothing to trade cept some mexican jumping beans... PM Me or Email...
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    Looking for a mechanic

    How do I find mechanics or vendors in my is worthless in this case. I am looking to buy stuff local but can not. In case you want to help Ashburn,Va 20147