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    Stanceworks Feature : My Final goodbye

    Hey so, early March I decided to make the switch from my beloved GTI MKV to an e92 335i. I decided to have one last hoorah and did a photoshoot the morning before we put my car back to stock. Thanks to everyone who accompanied me on this journey. If you want to keep up with my life or new car...
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    FS: Real BBS LM, Fully Built

    SOLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! I sold my GTI and bought a new car so these are for sale. BBS LM: 4000 Shipped Fully Rebuilt, Chrome Barrels/Lips, Gold Bolts, Porsche GT3RS Gray Faces, Red & Black caps included, Reverse Mount, Redrill to 5x112, Backpads milled. Absolutely Perfect 18x9 et32...
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    FS: Idk Alex's Massive Part out thread

    Hey guys. I sold my mkv and bought an e92 335. So I have a massive part out thread to accompany it. All prices are shipped and OBO. If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me. Alex Skymacher's Bagged MK5 on BBS LMs by Watson_Photography, on Flickr Happy bidding! Candy White...
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    FS: CCW LM20

    SOLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! Hey I sold my car so its getting completely parted out. I am selling a set of CCW LM20 5x112 57.1 17x9 et32 205/40/17 Tires (almost brand new) 17x10 et38 215/40/17 tires (Some camber wear but are still okay) I am looking for 2500+Shipping on these. I have...
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    FS: OEM Votex Side Skirts, One is painted Candy White

    SOLDDDD!!!! Hello everyone, I have a set of OEM Votex Side Skirts for sale. Id like to get 300 + Shipping for these. These go for over 450 + shipping online. And one of these is already painted candy white. The candy white and has one blemish. You cannot notice this...
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    FS: Candy White Door Moldings

    SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Hello, I have for sale a set of candy white door moldings. These came off my car (2009 2dr CW GTI MKV). These will be perfect for a 2 door Candy White Rabbit that wants to convert from textured to painted. I switched to chrome moldings so im posting these for...
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    Southbend Stage 2 Clutch

    Hey I made a thread over on vortex but I figure this will get more traffic So I have a 2009 GTI TSI 6sp, and I need a new clutch/flywheel. Ive been APR Stage 2 etc for awhile now and my stock clutch is slipping pretty bad. I think I have narrowed my search down to a Southbend Stage 2 kit...
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    Final Stage

    Met up with my friend Ethan Watson after Simply Clean and he took some photos. Someone recently backed into me and ever since then I took the car to a whole new level. It will stay like this I dont post much anywhere but my instagram is @idk_alex and I sometimes post there. :beer: Alex...
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    Alex Schumacher's build thread

    What's up guys, the build thread is long overdue. Basically I bought my car brand new November 1, 2008. Ordered it from Germany as follows 2009 Candy White Votex Kit 6MT Autobahn Package Premium Sound Huffs/Sunroof Here is a pic after I picked her up Went to my first VW show (still stock)...
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    FS Wobble Bolts

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    Met up with Ronaldo Stewart last saturday at the beach and then snapped some pics later on in the night and this is how they came out! Cheers
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    Feeler: AutoStrada Modena 18"

    SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD I sort of want to see what is out there. I have a set of autostrada modena in 18x8 and 18x8.5 with Yoko S Drive 205/40. Both the wheels and tires have less than 8000 miles on them total. Two of the tires are brand new. And the others look pretty much...
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    Random beeping noises coming from driver side?

    So I was driving down the road like normal and all of a sudden I get these three loud (high pitch) beeps come from the Drivers side dash. I have never heard these before. And then waiting for my friend to get back in my car from the store 5 minutes later, I hear this pop and then my ABS and...
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    Highest offset we can have with a 9" wheel?

    Im just curious on the highest offset we can have with a 9" wheel before we hit the strut/shock? Thank you And the highest for a 9.5 and 10?
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    :fighting0030: going to fixfest