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  • If you can find T-fitting to connect the two PCV hoses, it should run completely fine. The BSH can basically acts like a T-fitting. Forge just made a post about their new catch can. Looks like they just replaced the whole PCV system with a plate and run a hose to the can.
    Dear Hobbes,
    About August 2010, you responded to a catch can question in regard to the two PCV inlets provided for a BSH can.
    A question was asked about using the 42 Design can with one outlet/inlet ( ie BSH has 3 ports and 42 has 2 ports.
    I wish to purchase the 42 for a golf mk6 gti.
    I do not think it may be wise to block off a front or rear pcv ( I am no tech), what are your thoughts on a tee piece to connect both front and rear pcv`s to enter the port on the 42. Any conflict of gas or vacuum flow.
    Best regards
    John ( Australia)
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