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    Arrested Development

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    dirt cheap healthy lunches for work

    Fuck nutella...this is THE shit:
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    dirt cheap healthy lunches for work

    Yoplait makes a four pack of coconut Greek is seriously criminal how good it is. Best shit ever.
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    The Ish Talker

    The dinner note as brutal...I also got nailed by the guy in Australia going into the water to save the little dog that fell in when the wind kicked up.
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    The Ish Talker I said before: in all but the most dire emergencies.
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    The Ish Talker thing ever, when it's not sprinkled with excrement.
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    The Ish Talker

    Thanks, another 25-35 lbs to go, I think...should be there by fall, I hope. So back to the topic... My job has two sets of normal multi-user bathrooms (one set per floor) and another, private style bathroom near the main entrance. Besides having difficulty pissing with another dude...
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    The Ish Talker

    The 1500 calories thing is quite doable...I'm 6'3" and started tracking calories and exercise with Livestrong on Jan scales your allotment of calories based upon your weight each day and goal (for me, 2lbs per week)...right now I'm actually averaging a calorie budget of 1550 calories...
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    dirt cheap healthy lunches for work

    Pb sandwich on whole wheat bread (skip the jelly for hardcore Pb addicts like me AND to avoid more sugar)...add a salad (homemade, of course) for your veggie fix. Salad with a cup of soup or ramen (watch out for the sodium...drink coconut water/eat a banana to negate some sodium with...
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    The last of Us

    That was a friggin playable movie...amazing.
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    Recent Behavior On the Forum

    Thirdeded. Total brofest.
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    2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek

    Ironically, I am about to sign for a Tiguan for my wife this week. Call my a fanboy, but I really just like the idea of her being in a VW. I love Subaru as well, though. We test drove a Legacy a few weeks ago...I was impressed.
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    Recent Behavior On the Forum

    Not exactly...but it helps makes up for the obvious lack of sailor moon VS.
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    Recent Behavior On the Forum

    Fuck yeah...peace, love, happiness...all that shit on top of an ice cream sundae wrapped in sailor moon's vaginal skin
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    Fat Bastards - Weight Watchers Thread's also the same reason that weight lifting, while not as much of an immediate caloric burn, is so important. It raises your base caloric needs. I make sure that every other day I hit the weights hard.