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    Also wondering this ahah. I have the same issue he described.

    Also wondering this ahah. I have the same issue he described.
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    Wubbing noise at 40 km/h?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some insight. I drive a 2007 VW Gti and since the day I bought the car I have been getting a wubbing/whining noise. This will be a long story, lol. When driving at 39 km/h - 40 km/h i get a noise that sounds like wub wub wub wub wub almost the same as bad tire noise or...
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    Put 87 octane into my Stage2 GTI

    Hey guys I have an issue with my car, warming it’s a long story. (and i feel like a god damn moron) I have a 2007 GTI on stage 2 HPFP Unitronic, I’ve had the car for nearly 3 years with zero issues. One day I accidentally put 87 octane into my car (put the wrong jerry can in at night) and I...
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    Help with an airlift possible purchase

    Hi guys, Wondering if I could get some opinions on this used setup im thinking about buying. Just curious on ride quality for the slam series, and if the price is fair. I have no knowledge on air ride so any tips or comments would help.. The setup specs are: airlift v2 management - 1/4" lines...
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    Can anybody solve this blown fuse problem I have?

    Hi I have this one fuse that keeps blowing... its the left of the 2 that is blowing (circled). They operate a/c heated seats reverse lights... a ton of shit. I get a code when I scan my car (I'll put pics at the end of the post) could this be causing the fuse to blow? I don't wanna pay the...
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    Anybody contemplating doing Stage 2

    Just figured I would post a quick experience I've had with Unitronic. I had my 07 GTI tuned to stage 1 Unitronic then of course wanted more power soon after. I read a ton of reviews on stage 1 > 2 and most of them were negative.... not that big of a power increase, not worth the money, etc...
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    Just installed HPFP... Low boost and rough idle

    Hey guys Just bought a used upgraded HPFP for going stage 2 and took it for a drive, the boost maxed at 12.. Where as before it peaked at 18 held at 16 with unitronic stage 1. Took everything apart and put it back together and still low boost and drives rough. I'll eventually put the stock one...
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    eBay down pipe

    Hey guys I've finally decided on going with an eBay down pipe for when I go stage 2. Does anybody have any idea if this down pipe has a cat? I would assume no, because it doesn't say it has one in the description. But the seller says it does, after...
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    3 spray bombs of United grey

    Hey guys Looking to get rid of 3 spray bombs ( paint cans ) of United grey paint code. They were done at kustomkote (Lordco in Canada) and I paid 30$ plus tax each. I am in Vancouver but could really ship anywhere at your expense. Please pm me Thanks
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    Wtb eurojet turbo back exhaust

    Hey there :) Looking to take your eurojet turbo back exhaust off your hands :) Pms please
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    Need some advice for dual/quad exhaust

    Hey guys I'm looking to get quad or dual exhaust on my gti. Basically I would want the exact same size as the stock exhaust hole cut on the right side, then have 2 exhaust tips one on each side of the valance. Is this the best way to do it? I could only find a osir vlance for around 500$ And...
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    Front strut mounts?

    So I need to get my front strut mounts changed so I ordered the parts for 150$ and I've looked at getting quoted for getting them installed. Volkswagen wanted 550$, a local alignment shop wanted 400 and a random alignment shop said 90... The price is good but seems sketchy. What should the...
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    H&R Super sports with ET35?

    So yes i have searched till I'm blue in the face... I have koni str.t with h&r super sport springs, and I'm looking to get 18" ET 35 wheels. The only thing holding me back is the offset on OEM is 51 which seems like a big change to me. If i put them on 225/40/18's would I get any rubbing? I'm...
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    Suspension help

    Just looking to get some opinions. I have a 2007 GTI and got h&r super sports with koni srt-t (something like that) struts, brand new mounts as well. I had it installed and aligned at a quality shop (or so I thought) and now the car squeaks on every bump, it's not every day but probably 6/7 days...