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    Post in the Facebook groups "Dubberz" or "Vancouver R Club" or "Vancouver GTI Club". You'll find somebody within 10 mins of posting.
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    Post this on the "VW MK7 GOLF - GTI - R - MQB" or "VW MQB PRIVATE SALES" on Facebook and it'll sell in a blink
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    Thank you for this post!! This fixed my issue. I usually drive my car near daily but I had Covid for 1.5 weeks so I didn't move the...
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    AFAIK they started applying the tape from the factory. Wouldn't hurt to replace with fresh tape. Or just leave it if you dont have any...
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    I saw you advertised that you had a leak from the San Rove, did you find the solution...
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    Also wondering this ahah. I have the same issue he described.