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    FS - Stock 17 inch wheels (spray painted black)

    I have a set of stock 17 inch wheels (Classix) off of a 2007 GTI for sale. They were unfortunately hurt fairly bad in a shipping accident, so I spray painted them black. I have long since moved on to other cars, so they are just sitting in my shed. Stock continentals are still on them, but can't...
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    Good Deal for a Trade?

    Well, I have been wanting to switch from 6sp to DSG, out of lazyness + curiousity. I have an 06.5 pkg 0 with 30k and found an 08 dsg pkg 1 with 10k. Both 2 door, old one red, new one is white. The only "aftermarket" thing on the white one is Votex kit. I can trade out for a difference around 4k...
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    Center Air Vent Creak

    It seems that my center air vent (the one on top, that I never use) is rattling more and more lately, as it has turned cold. It's not really a rattle, like metal on metal, its more of a creak, like plastic on plastic. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it? It's getting unbearable...
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    My Run-In With Cops

    Ok, let me start by saying that I know what I did was wrong. Speeding on a public road is never justifiable under any circumstance, and if you do it, you are fully guilty for whatever happens to you. I know this, so I'm not looking for a bunch of comments saying "you shouldn't speed" or other...
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    Wow, what a turbo Wow.... wish I had 80k laying around.
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    vs Suzuki Quadracer

    Well, I was driving around some backroads, trying to stay off of crowded highways, and just enjoy the scenery (and lack of enforced speedlimit) but I wasn't really being all that spirited, just day to day driving. I come up to a corner, and see a group of guys on a bunch of four-wheelers, most...
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    Wheel Debacle

    Ok, well, I was selling my wheels a while ago, and unfortunently ran into a huge debacle with UPS with them. Basically it comes down to them telling me that they would package them for me, them shipping them completely bare, getting f*^6ed up, having to deal with the hassle of getting them...
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    I'm not sure if it has already been disscussed here or not, but I just got off of the phone with FixxTuning here in the Tampa area, and they told me they are switching from GIAC to APR. I was going to go get reflashed, due to the OY, but they can't now. :frown: They said they are working on a...
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    PRS Santana SE and Ibanez RGT42FM

    I wasn't sure if the Classified were strictly car related or not, so I'm gonna post this up here. Moderators, feel free to take it off if it shouldn't be here. I'm selling two electric guitars, one being a PRS Santana SE and the other being an Ibanez RGT42FM. The SE is Hunter Green, and a...
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    PS3/HDMI Question

    Ok, well, I think I'm gonna jump on a PS3 while they are 100 dollars cheaper and backwards compatible still, but I was wondering, can you use the digital optical audio out while using HDMI for video? I have an older surround sound receiver that doesn't have HDMI capabilities, but a TV that does...
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    FS: JL 12w6v3s and JL 1000/1

    Ok, well, I truly hate to put these up for sale, but I have to. College is coming and funds are tighter than I was hoping, so things are having to go. These have been babied by me and their previous owner (Nikerey). They are two JL 12w6v2s mated to a 1000/1 JL amp. Comes with sub box and cap...
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    FS: Stock 17s

    I'm selling my 17's because I just bought some Hufs. They are in great shape, with 15k on the tires. No damage to the wheels themselves, but unfortunently the paint on the centercaps are chipping due to a harsh wheel cleaner i used. :cry: Asking $500 for them. Willing to ship if your willing to...
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    New Camera

    I'm looking for a new camera. I've always wanted a DSLR, just not sure if I want to spend the money. I just made a poll to see what you guys recommend. If it's not too much trouble, go ahead a post a comment on why/why not. Thanks.
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    EVO vs. STI

    So, I'm just curious on which you guys like better. I figured it would be pretty objective, since its a VW forum and all. Doesn't have to be EVO9 vs. the new STI, just either generations. Post comments too, if you have an actual reason other than just looks. :biggrin:
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    So, I was driving today on a long stretch of backroad, coasting at around 55mph. I go to throw it into 6th gear, and I hear a loud crunch. It sounded almost identical to how it sounds when you grind a gear. It completely scared the sh&* out of me, but I just figured I was lazy and didn't have...