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    Checked plugs and coilpacks?

    Checked plugs and coilpacks?
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    The Next Car Swap

    oh wow. its funny, my buddy with a 2015 WRX just got a 2018 Golf R. He says he kind of misses the rex, tbh. I think Plac blocked me on FaceTube from the LHG page , feels.
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    Official Formula 1 Thread!

    dang, really need to see this race on the DVR, lol. I was in Montreal for the race - was a fun one, right at turn one. Bottas was like 20ft for me.
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    TB played like dogshit last night - if Caps brutalize them again, its over. Caps vs Knights - wild that McPhee will have to face his old org, and Caps are tough as nails. You can bet Reaves will be head hunting, along with Engelland, but they will need to if they are going to beat the caps for...
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    ^ oh wow.
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    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    ^ last night's game was so intense. Lawd. Love dat Vegas.
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    TDI replacement - my 4 door S14

    Oh wow. All pics aren’t coming through for me.
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    anyone have any experience with the B8 S4?

    No no... lots of options. It’s still FI - flash it , baby. Amen.
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    anyone have any experience with the B8 S4?

    The b8 is strong and the engine considered quite reliable for a VAG. Just a tune and pulley and they are fast AF. The sc whine sounds cool too.
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    OT #27: Hot as Bawls Everywhere

    oh wow yeah
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    RS3 coming to the America

    oh wow yeah.
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    GK Goes JDM, Brah. Beats Worst Forum Member on Actually Getting a Car this Century

    ^ PROUD NEW OWNER^ Hoping to get her back next year, but we will see. Otherwise, he got a great deal for it.. one that Tuna passed up, wow yeah wow.
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    Audi USA taking a pandering stand for equal pay

    I agree, white males do have it really tough in this country.