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    My first designer handbag was my 18’s birthday present. It was a beautiful handbag, but I lost it after few days also it was considered one of my saddest things.
    I used to be trying to purchase a same handbag and luxury myself. Sadly, the handbag was popular and out of stock in a short time! Poor me!
    Just week before, I found this website. Oahu is the biggest online luxury store i finally got my handbag back! Don’t miss your loves.

    rado integral chrono
    Hey Gulfer,

    I get logged off every couple of minutes or so. Do you have access to any setting's? Please make my login time longer if there is an option for this or please advise if there is something that i can do on my end?
    Sorry I think I put my thread into a wrong place. How I can move it to the correct area? I am assuming is in general isn't?
    Hi Gulfer!

    I am a graphic designer and doing a custom vinyl wrap on my mk5 GTI. We want to wrap the roof with the seat pattern used on the gti seats. I notice the background of this site has it, would who ever created this site have this pattern that i could use!

    Would love to share the photos when its done


    I would like to know how much it would cost me to become a community advertiser.

    Thank you
    I was just thinking, do you think someone could sticky a Vagcom locator somewhere that could (hopefully) be kept up to date? Personally the whole reason I registered on this site was to find someone local with a vagcom and it was a nightmare to find here in the forums.

    I've seen the question "does anyone have a vagcom in the xxx area?", and also, "I have a vagcom in the xxx area" come up so often that a good up to date list would warrant a sticky.

    Well Gulfer. told me that you "has not made any friends yet" under your Friends tab, so horay for me being the first!
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