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    This forum is almost dead

    100% agree. This forum used to be my favorite time waster. Now it barely gets me through a bathroom visit, lol
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    Electric Snowblowers

    I swear I picked up my gas powered one for like $400 New and it's amazing. You could surely pick one up used for $2-300. Maybe put a cat less Downpipe on it because vdub.
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    Help a member out! Very quick survey

    lol I took it.. I apparently am a cheap bastard.
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    First episode of Grand Tour is up a day early

    Best car show trio ever.
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    Help a member out! Survey on VW

    Done, good luck with it!
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    How To Stance Your Car For Super Cheap

    Haha this was a good watch, sad some may not even realize this is a terrible idea, lol
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    Need your opinions on a controversial topic

    Done. Good luck!
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    Jeremy Clarkson to be officially sacked by BBC tomorrow

    I'm pissed, I miss the show already!
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    Ugh I hate hearing posts like this. Driving the GTI does not mean shifting below 3k RPMS, lol. I drive mine daily and take her up to 6k in first, second, usually 3rd, and shift for maximum power when I'm tooling around like an ass. SOMETIMES hit 4k!? You sir, need to drive harder.
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    Mk7 Compared to RS5

    Audi S5 is not even comparable to the GTI in terms of fit and finish and design... but you sure have me thinking about an MK7 with stage II now. All of a sudden my stage I MK6 feels like a Prius compared to those numbers.
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    fathers needed

    With my little girl turning 1 I shall share. This year has been insane in so many ways but the one HUGE thing I wish I knew was more about allergies. They are amazingly more common now than they were years ago and I was one of those people who were like "WTF if you have a peanut allergy stay...
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    Man, VW is such a pain in the ass

    And all good reasons to learn your car and diy everything. I refuse to go to the dealer for anything but parts and that's only if I need it right away. Order online and diy. VW 4 life.
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    Moving from New England to Hawaii - life change, need thoughts

    Would be interesting to rent a place for a couple years.... not sure anyone would do that as it would kill their future renting no? I guess it would be OK for them, but how would I pay them.. lump sum or weekly.. interesting
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    Word Association Game #2

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    Moving from New England to Hawaii - life change, need thoughts

    It's a short term plan anyways.. kid is nearly 1 now and would never send her to Hawaii schools (no offense to Hawaii schools). So at the most 4-year plan, but most likely shooting for a 2 year stint there if it happened.