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  • Hey GTIFTW

    This is Larry. I am sorry I forget your name again. There were too many people at the meet, I couldnt memorize the name properly.
    Anyway, I am very nice to meet you today. The cake was very delicious, please say thank you to your wife for me. I wanted to ask you for second one, but I was kind of too shy to ask that.

    By the way, is it ok to send me some of my car's pictures for me. I wish I have a lot of my cars pictures for a pile of collection, but I dont have good cameras with me so i have to rely on you guys.

    Thank you again
    Larry ^^!
    yeah doing good i am planning to get a set of b&g coilover for the car but not for a while. Yes i went to Revscene it was pretty good not raining went with a few friends and meet up with some of the golf guys from our last meet. lots of cars there it was good times too bad you couldn't make it
    How much did it cost u if u don't mind me asking? I just want to cover the wheel gap dont know how low i should go. I dont plan on changing the height very much but i dont want to buy the wrong height too. Low enough to cover the wheel cap high enough that i dont have to angle my car to go over things lol. been there done that
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