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    Return to Stock: APR K04 and much more

    Hey all, returning my 2006 GTI (FSI engine) to stock as it's closing in on 200K miles and I'm looking for something younger. Short list of stuff available is an APR K04 turbo, Unitronic intercooler, APR 3" RSC exhaust, and much more. See the Facebook post for more details...
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    Hey all, Bunch of parts lying around I would love to get rid of. Came from 2006 GTI. Prices are super OBO, make an offer! - OEM intercooler with boost hoses. Dent in top center, but works perfectly. No leaks. $60 - Stock high pressure fuel pump. Had 115K miles. Both electrical connectors...
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    MKVII Austins on MKV...

    Didn't see much about this from a quick web search...plenty of Austins on MKVIs but not MKVs. What do y'all think? Honestly, I really like the look. In fact I like the Austins more on the MKV than the MKVII. Then again I've always liked the OEM+ look.
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    Engine hoist, subframe, Euro front OEM style plate bracket

    Just clearing out my garage and I've got a couple of things for sale...all prices are obo. Subframe and hoist are local pickup only. -Torin Big Red 1 ton shop crane. Bought this new a year ago for a project that never came to pass. Now it's just taking up space in my garage. $140 -MKV GTI...
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    Stem seals with head on

    Hey all, Ive managed to trace some vacuum smoke I've been having down to bad stem seals. Now that the weather around my area is finally starting to get cooled down, I'm opting to replace the seals in the next few weeks. Now obviously when removing the valve keepers there will be nothing...
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    Looking for a Tornado Red hood

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has a Tornado Red hood available from a part-out or from swapping to a carbon fiber hood. It could be a Rabbit, Jetta, GLI, GTI, or regular Golf hood, as long as it's Tornado Red and from the MKV generation. Preferably in good condition but it doesn't have to...
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    How are your motors holding up to high mileage?

    I just want to start by saying I'm floored that I just did a compression test on my '06 FSI motor with 165K miles on it, with all the mods you see in my signature since 110K, and I came out with... 190/180/185/190 I was so blown away to see so little lost in so many miles that I did it again...
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    Good Machine Shops in MD/VA/PA area?

    Hello all, Anyone know of a good machine shop in the Maryland, southern PA, northern VA area? Looking to get my crank polished and block inspected, bored, and cleaned up. So many of the shops seem to specialize in "'Murican Vee Eight Modurs" and I'm afraid that they would likely look down on...
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    K04 gas mileage

    Just wondering what other folks are getting. With the APR tune, I seem to be getting about 30 average on stock tune but only about 20 on 93 program. Hypermiling on the highway in 93 and I can only squeeze about 25mpg, while in stock I've seen as high as 36. This combined with sooty exhaust...
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    Warmer weather brake squeak + grind

    Hey all, I have been having this intermittent problem for a little under a year now, other problems with the car have caused me to push this to the back burner... I have stock brakes (by that I mean stock setup, the brake pads and rotors have been replaced in the life of the car) with about...
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    Tuning APR K04 wastegate

    Firstly, I know there are other threads about K04 wastegate tuning. I've read many of them and picked up little snippets of info here and there. So, I'm not trying to start a huge wastegate tuning discussion thread. Only trying to get some suggestions from the gurus out there for my...
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    Golf R PCV on a GTI FSI?

    Looked all around and haven't seen anything on this... So we all know the MKVI Golf R used an upgraded version of the FSI motor many of us have in our MKV GTIs. Now, one of the biggest problems we run into when upgrading our performance, especially to K04 and beyond, is that the stock PCV...
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    APR Carbonio, Engine cover, IE PCV, Valve Cover + more

    Hello all, Have some parts for sale. I need to get them out to clear space so please feel free to make an offer! I would prefer not to mess with shipping, at least with the larger items, but I live in Maryland and would be willing to drive a little around the MD/DC/Northern VA/Southern PA area...
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    KO4 turbo failure at 40K?

    Hey all, I have a 2006 GTI, 156K on the clock. It has had the full APR K04 setup installed for the past 40K miles. For the past few months, I have had a problem with an oil burn and smoke out the tailpipe after a period of coasting/vacuum at low RPM. Burns about 1qt/500 miles. When avoiding...
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    APR Stage 1 Carbonio Intake (FSI) + FSI engine cover

    Hello, I have an APR Stage 1 Carbonio intake kit for sale with less than 10K miles on it. Kit comes with the carbon fiber style air box, flex sleeve clamp, and APR air filter. Asking $200. (Has what you see here, except for ram air bracket...