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    FS in NJ: 2 GB SD Memory Cards

    I have 20 2 GB SD cards available will consist of regular size SD and micro. They have been formatted and verified to work. Selling the pack for $60. I'm saving up for coilovers and every bit helps!! pics are samples of the brands that will be included.
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    FS/FT: Pearl Forum Drum Shell Set - NJ

    Drum shells have a glossy BLUE wrap. The drums included are: 22" x 16" bass drum 12" x 10", 13" x 11" rack toms (include tom holders) 16" x 16" floor tom shell 5-1/2" x 14" wood snare $300 obo I am the original owner and only had them setup in a rented studio space. I no longer rent the...
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    FT: (4) OEM 225 45 17 RE050 for vent boost gauge setup

    4 OEM Summer bridgestone potenza re050 tires for trade. Tires were taken off Denvers at 40000 miles and replaced with winter LM25's. These tires are taking up alot of space in my apartment and I'm looking for a vent gauge setup. I figure someone might want an extra set of tires and has a vent...
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    FS: GTI Monster Mats

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    WTB: 1 16" alloy wheel

    I went over a pothole last night. I couldn't stop to check the damage. Now my wheel is missing a chunk. I need to replace it ASAP. I need a 16" alloy wheel in OEM or near OEM fitment preferably with tire.
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    Does anyone know what oil this is?

    the dealer i went to do the oil change at used an oil with this part number zvw-352-540-s-dsp. has anyone had anything silmilar? according to the invoice it costs $5.30. thanks for the help.
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    FT: (2)Blue CORBEAU A4 seats for a set of 17" or up wheels/tires

    I have 2 Blue A4 Corbeau seats in new condition that have been in storage in my basement. I got them shortly before I sold my previous project and only test fit them once on the car then promptly removed them. I am looking for (4) 17" or bigger wheels with tires in good condition. The pair of...