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    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Awesome, looking forward to seeing your build getting driven the way you intended.
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    MFD replacement options

    It looks like my MFD is starting to go, every now and then I will have a dead line of pixels or a corner get dim. Ive been searching the forums for a OEM+/Upgraded MFD. Is there anything that is plug and play simple?
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    Trunk seal replacement

    Some doofus loaded a large box into the back of my car and ripped up the hatch seal. I have a replacement but it looks like the original is glued in? Anyone replace theirs? What did you use to stick it back on?
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    Driver Motorsport no more?

    Seems like their never updated website and social media are AWOL. Any news on if the company is really gone and if Bronson is still tuning?
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    CRC GDI cleaner

    I've used CRC GDI stuff as well as Seafoam annually using a spray nozzle through the IAT port. I have had good results when done on an engine at operating temperature and with a heatsoak. I have not saved any borescope shots after my last cleaning but this dudes video really is similar to my...
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    Vibration on deceleration after installing poly engine mounts.

    I have BFI stage 1 engine and trans mounts and a ECS dogbone insert. I noticed that sometimes while decelerating that I will have harsh vibrations while passing through the 3,000 rpm range, this is from the engine as as soon as I engage the clutch or gas it instantly goes away. Is this normal...
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    Forge silicon throttle body hose

    Anyone use one? How is fitment? My stock hose is looking pretty beat and it's time for a new one. Any recommendation for what clamps to use?
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    Dies after 4K RPM: P0321 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28)

    My car has been sitting for a few weeks. I decided to drive it today, everything was normal until I opened it up on a nice stretch of highway. The car completely died after 4K RPM. Like the tach dropped to zero and the engine was completely dead, it sputtered and misfired for a second and...
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    VWR 'Cup Edition' anti lift bushings

    Has anyone used these? There is not a ton of info out there on these, they may be rebranded SuperPro but I really cant confirm anything.
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    Horn sounds weird only during the lock chirp

    Pulling my car out of hibernation, it may be me not hearing it in a while but chirp noise when I lock the doors sounds off. Its loud, just sounds weird The horn when I press the center of the steering sounds right. Anyone ever have this issue or am I confused.
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    Transmission gear oil reccomendation

    Been running Motul Gear 300 since my LSD install and shifting is buttery smooth EXCEPT for the first 1-2 shift when the temperature is below 40F is not good at all, its a little crunchy until it warms up. Should I go with OEM or is there a good blend that works?
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    Looking at a 2008 rabbit, what problems should I check for?

    Im a little clueless when it comes to the Rabbits. From what I can tell the 2.5 is a really reliable motor. Found a crazy deal locally on a 08 rabbit with a manual transmission. It has about 130K miles and an unknown service history. Should I look at anything specific?
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    FSI cam chain tensioner

    I haven't been able to get a clear answer on this. Is there a recommended replacement interval/mileage for the chain and/or tensioner for the FSI?
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    H&R 28F/24R swaybars

    Does anyone have the H&R 28/24mm swaybar combo? How is handling? Do these keep things neutral or understeer or are these going to be setup to over steer pretty hard to help get the car rotating for auto-x? Would it be better to go with one of the softer bars in the front and/or rear?
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    Non race car engine mount recommendation

    I have been looking at a new set of motor mounts. I was looking at the 034 street density mounts as well as their billet mounts. I would like to go rubber over poly mounts. Can anyone recommend a good set of mounts?