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  • on Huffs or any 18 you can go all the way down, which will be 23.5 fender to ground depending on your tire size, If your on stock size dont go all the way down due to rubbing. Also look up the Fender screw mod. Youll NEED to do that since your lowering it
    oh forgot to mention, those camber plates are the CROSS COMPETITION camber plates, not made by ksport, you have to order them from CROSS
    interesting, mine only came with two setting camber plates. I believe you may have to order the multisetting ones extra from the kit? not too sure on that one.

    I never replaced mine and its all running good for me
    the pics on the website are the camber plates for other cars, such as an STI, EVO, or other car. The ones for our car is only a two setting option. So you just set them at max and you have no issues at all. Just get it aligned and your set.

    The kontrol pros are good, the RR is the track set up but they do ride better then kontrol pro's even on the softest setting. The internals are beefed up so it has a better ride and handling. So if you do want to track it, you can set it to full dampening and take the track hard, whereas the Kontrol pro's wont handle as well at a track
    haha its all good, i dont mind answering questions.

    The front camber plates only have two settings, max camber or no camber haha so you just gotta set it to the max setting and leave it. But you have to adjust them before installing them on the car.
    As for the rear dampening... you CAN drill a hole into the car and adjust it through the back but i dont recomend it, the hole would have to be quite large in order to be able to adjust it. I never drilled the hole so en able for me to adjust mine i just drop the rear shock out which is actually super simple once youve done it once. And you dont have to compress them full once to be able to adjust things, you can full adjust them dampening right out of the box.
    Its a really good suspension and super easy to adjust and what not. Im actually contenplating on selling my system and getting something a little gnarlier.
    I have the Version RR ksports which are the top of the line you can buy from them for our cars
    Hey, The ksports ride amazing, they go pretty low and have a smooth ride when you have the dampening set right. Personally ihave mine set pretty stiff. I havnt had any clanking issues with my ksports thus far nor any camber issues. As of rear camber, our stock control arms are adjustable up to i believe -4.8 degrees of camber, so no camber are necessary. The fronts came with a camber with which does wonders
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