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    FS: Several Misc Parts - Intake, Mats, Emblem, Etc...

    I recently traded in the gti for another vehicle and have some stuff i'd like to unload. pic will come later Also everything came off a 2006 gti FSI motor, and everything is in Ann Arbor MI. I have: -Injen Intake w/ K&N Filter (not the injen filter) - $180 + Shipping -Monster Mats - $50 +...
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    FS: 2006 GTI DSG 63,000 Miles

    63,000 miles $13,500 Ann Arbor, MI 1-Owner pics here: eBay Ad with an AutoCheck vehicle Report:
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    06 GTI DSG FSI 59,XXX mi Michigan

    2006 MKV GTI DSG FSI Reflex Silver 59,XXX miles. I love my car, but want something bigger and awd, so this must go. I bought the car new in 2006 so I am the original owner. I have personally done the oil changes at every 3k. It recently had surgery to replace the "A" cam with the Rev. "B"...
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    small update......nothing special

    haven't posted any actual photo media aside from cell pix elsewhere, in some time. so here's a minor update. recently refinished my huffs rattle can style. 2010: Current:
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    vag-com gurus?? *vag log attached*

    i've been having what i think are fuel cuts lately and am wondering if a vag-com / fault code knowledgeable person can help me figure out what might be the issue with my car? I'm dropping it off for service tomorrow. i have an 06 FSI that is still stock with the exception of an injen intake...
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    Definitely Maybe? (photoshop)

    Yes? No? Maybe? I'm pretty much set on these wheels for my new set, curious to know what others think...
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    Post your six spokes

    I'm curious to see some mkvs with six spoke wheels, please post Posted via Tapatalk from my HTC Thunderbolt 4G
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    WTB: 19" Huff Reps - Can't Find em.

    can't seem to find these anywhere anymore, anyone have or know of somewhere to get these anymore?
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    19x8 Audi A6 Sport Replicas

    19x8 ET35, includes tires: General Exclaim UHP 215/35/19. Tread probably around 70-80% I PREFER NOT TO SHIP, but will at buyers expense, on top of sales price. Asking $760. No Trades, looking to buy new wheels and tires. Around the Ann Arbor MI area.
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    mods - please delete

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    cam follower - best price?

    So far the best I have found is $52.83 (46.95+5.88 shipping) shipped. Locally its like $68+tax from the stealership Anyone know of a better price? PN: 06D-109-309-C
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    pic request: 8" et35 and low

    please? 8 inch wide and et35, and low/slammed if possible
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    Teaser: Thank you Mr. Klemp.

    said to be a 2week turn around, well, more like a week .5 yo.. nice!