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    FS 17z Brembo fronts off Cayenne

    I have a set of front Brembo Porsche calipers off a 2007 Cayenne that I have no need for, I know they bolt up to a bunch of different VAG cars and you can get brackets for em. If interested send me a pm and will send photos. I also have high temp decals that read "Porsche" to go with them...
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    My first MK5 GTI build

    Hey all, I have a 2007 United Grey GTI that I purchased as my 4th VW car, owned a 2-slow, MK2 GTI, a VR6 Corrado, and now my MK5. Bought the car at about the 83,000 km mark (51,000mi for you Americans) never touched the car for the 2 years I owned it up until 2018. Started small and went semi...
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    Sudden loss in power accelerating from 0-100km/h

    Greetings, I bought a 2007 MK5 GTI in November of 2017, had a busted dv so i replaced that with the newest revision shortly after, end of July this year HPFP and cam follower both went belly up and those were replaced. When I first bought the car, it would accelerate no problem under heavy load...