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    NLcarbon airbox scoop (carbonio for 3.2/RS3 been lookin' for something like this for some time. Seems a german ebay seller has certain versions of these scoops in dry carbon finish. it has kinda a bigger mouth feeding the airbox which crosses between the R32/ A3/ S3/ RS3/ TTRS & passat...
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    SP adjustable 24v cam gears? Opinions? So, saw the SP Schimmel Performance adjustable 24valve cam gears & been hypothesizing “ why the f*** pay $1500 for mild sport cams (not even high lift cause of this...
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    Got to drive 2010 Lamborghini gallardo in L.A!!!! was so cool. I didn't like the e-gear behavior in auto mode, but switch to manual with paddles & it drives great. You have to push a button on the dash to go in reverse. Even the handling at speed corners on mulholland drive were effortless. I totally fell in love & want a pre owned...
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    05' Porsche Cayenne 955 3.2 exhaust manifolds project

    Am starting a trial of factory style exit flow outta the head. These vr6 manifolds are identical in design except using welded steel instead of coarse cast iron, "smooth runners" without the costly aftermarket header price for a bit of top end. I can also run high flow cat downpipe with them...
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    EPC = FU!!!

    Ya, y'all must remember the traction control & epc lights coming on following full engine shutdown. Well many searches on vtex lead me on wild f***ing goose chase. But my scanner with freeze data showed tps stuck on a single value once this took place on the road. I swapped my moms Passat b6 3.6...
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    fs: 08'R32 H&R sport springs

    100 +shipping 29lbs. in box
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    feeler:mkv R32 ECS resonator delete pipe

    yep, changed my mind on installing this, never installed/used 08' R32 stainless mandrel bent pipe to remove pancake resonator below the propeller shaft. the more I found out about this transforms your stock catback to nearly "straight-pipe" style sound, chose to just stick with the flap...
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    USP test pipes/y-pipe?

    anyone have experiance with this downpipe upgrade for the R? they claim 15hp & 17tq gain, seems like more worth it then a catback too for similar price. curious if anyone tried it? does it sound f**king epic?
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    make offer: OE 2.0t downpipe

    need to get rid of stock downpipe from totaled GLI, make reasonable offer, you cover shipping.
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    deer ran in front of my GLI!

    left headlight/fender/bumper and probably rad support underneath is f'ed up. waiting to find out if insurance will fix and I pay the deductable, or they may total it, and i'll get a check to use down payment on something else. then damn thing was almost paid off too!
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    Bug O Rama Sacramento - roll call?

    Sunday may 24th sacramento raceway park 5305 excelsior rd. car show, drag races (even watercooled) who might be going? 1. golfballer78 - competing watercooled trophy class, 2006 GLI stg.1
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    wtb: k03 hotside (for porting/coating)

    wanna try gasket matching and smoothing out the turbine housing/ exhaust manifold but still drive on my own k03 in the grinding process. spare stock turbo may be fine, but looking to just work on the hotside. would be interested in already ported stock turbo if availible for fair cost.
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    fs: carbonio fsi airbox scoop w/ coupler

    got it used off craigslist guy ended up going back to neuspeed p-flow, carbon fiber has a crack in area where clamp was tightened for hose, make reasonable offer, will ignore anything less then 50 tho, looking for 80 bucks at least. -pic will follow soon
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    stock pre-cat busts out of DP flange

    so, i was visiting family in the socal desert (plus doing my own things in L.A.) when on a drive in the desert east of palm springs, the front cat just shoots out of the bolt up downpipe flange to the turbo hotside. weirdest sh*t i've ever heard/seen happen. I assume that section was only tack...
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    FS: neuspeed FSI P-FLOW w/ manifold shield

    already took it off the car, put airbox back on, just over it as personal choice. the pipe has a few small scratches, no dents in overall structure, original filter/clamps/coupler/ exhaust manifold heatshield & hardware included. looking for at least 100-130bucks, was close to 3bills brand new...