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    Introductions thread (Part 2)

    What.... you drive a GX3? Wow, post some pics and tell us story of how you acquired it. For those of you unfamiliar, here is a pic of one. I would love to have one of these.
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    Time for a new turbo

    Rotormaster? do they even have a turbo for your motor? Which model are you looking at?
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    Time for a new turbo

    An f23 is just a slightly modified K04 and would require same setup as regular K04. Like others who are sharing info, we have been running K04 setups on our cars for years and are very familiar with all aspects of the setup. Do as you wish and I hope you have success doing it your own way
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    Time for a new turbo

    Doing a proper. K04 or K04 hybrid install is about 4500 if you do the labor. Since you have a stock turbo it is almost certain the hpfp was not upgraded. Personally I would not use f23 but would opt for K04.I recall reading about too many failures, whereas the K04 has very few with much higher...
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    My second build on my 08 GTI

    Well the motor goes under the knife in a couple of weeks. Going to have someone open it up and repair as needed. Once up and running I will move to a new type of injector and new tune. Another owner with the same setup did this and was able to get 460whp on 93 octane, no water meth. It will be a...
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    Has anyone purchased a Borg Warner K04 rather than Genuine VW K04?

    I bought the BW 0064 K04 when I ran it on my car. I bought is off a member who had purchased remaining stock from closing business. I looked up a pic I took of the badge on the turbo, looks like it was actually OEM, but you can see the main number 00064 that you will be looking for.
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    Long shot labonte w/m kit??

    Darn, these systems must not have been around very long, there is very little out there anywhere on these systems. A little on Mitsu and Subaru forums but nothing technical. Well you could always buy a snow or other controller, they all spray and use similar triggers. I have used Alky Control...
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    Long shot labonte w/m kit??

    Googled a bit and found this LINK on a Duramax site.
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    Headlight Adjustment not going exactly how VCDS says it should...

    I replaced both of my headlights and did just as you did. Manual adjustment worked fine for me, no other adjustment needed. It was about a 5min operation per headlight.
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    Tuning help

    Just buy an off the shelf stg2 tune. Giac, APR, Unitronic.
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    3 inch catless (how to?)

    It is good that Ohio did away with tailpipe testing this year. As mentioned some tunes, like APR may suppress CEL caused by installing catless or hi-flo cat which takes care of CEL problem in terms of the light being on just for your own preference but if you live in one of the 7 counties in...
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    If testing and contact tracing were being done at the level recommended by the CDC which has been sidelined and muzzled, we would be able to understand the progression of the virus. So, yes there is a lot we don't understand about the virus and how it has engulfed our country. Obviously what...
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    If I recall correctly the 06-07 cars had springs that were a bit longer than 08-09. I think you could just put in 08-09 springs and you will probably come close to your desired drop without affecting ride quality for a small price. Pretty sure it gives you a 1/2 in drop.
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    A3 Opinions

    There are plenty of them on the market in Southern California where it is warm and dry all year. I got a quote to ship a VW from Alabama to California for 750 so the transport guys are all looking to fill their trucks. I had 2 friends that had the newer TDI cars and loved them. I have a 3.0TDI...
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    A3 Opinions

    They are dumping the buyback TDI cars on the market, great value, would make a great daily and they get about 40mpg. Can get one with under 50K miles for well under 15K. The A3 is same platform as golf with nicer interiors.