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George Smooth
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  • Hello,

    I had a quick question about jb4 with down pipe. How would i get a custom tune from you for this? What changes need to be made to get rid of cel as well?
    Hi George Smooth, are you interested in distributing the PnP Turbos in SA and also the software by MTR Performance? I can ask them for you or you can call them. They understand English...
    Hello George I have a quick question, I am hoping you can help. I am buying a used JB1 rev 2 model from a friend. He used it on his MK7 Golf R. I have a MKT GTI. BM sells group 1 for the R and group 2 for the GTI. Can his JB1 Rev2 that he bought for his R be used interchangeably with my GTI? Please respond. Thanks.
    Cool. just so i know when to pull the trigger, will you be warning us before the price goes up and how much will the normal retail price likely be?
    Hi George.
    Just wondering when you will be raising the price of the jb4 so I know when to jump on to the jb4 wagon.

    Are you guys also working on any settings to work off when stacking the jb4 with eurodyne tu es for example.?
    Thanks mate
    Hi George ,

    I want to ask you about jb4 . Can i use it with apr stage 2+ is38 tune ? With water methanol .

    Thanks .

    Hi George,

    Loving the JB1v2. Am 16 miles in after installing and first thing I noticed was the more immediate throttle response. Night and day from stock. Coming from NA, it's tremendous improvement particularly since my GSW is my daily driver.

    I'd like to tinker with the maps and would like to use a tablet but I've been unsuccessful at finding the system requirements for the user interface software. Can you send me a link/post the info? Thanks again for supporting VW and specially 1.8Ts.
    Hi George

    Will the older version JB1 need a software update to work with the new wiring harness?

    I have a Sportwagen 1.8T with the 6-speed Automatic (non-DSG). Is the JB1 safe to use with this transmission? I can't find any specific information regarding the torque limits of this transmission.

    any luck with the jb4 for the mk7 we been waiting as you we were advised that it will be available from April fry the guys at FR&R

    I have a 2014 VW GLI with the gen 3 2.0 TSI. I was wondering if yall were developing a plug and play tune for it or had any plans to?
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