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    Hilarious Video hahah you have to watch it till the end :thumbsup:
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    FS: SoCal-D2 Racing Coils

    Hey Guys, Going with another set of coils! Need these gone! $400.00 shipped obo. No problems, no seized coils! coils are 4-5 threads left in front, all the way down in the back with perches and collars still in. These need to move!
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    FS: SoCal-Carbon Fiber Battery Cover. 08 GTI

    Hey guys, up for sale is a CF Battery Cover. $90.00 shipped. Perfect condition, no scratches, no blemishes.
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    Help me find this movie!

    Hey guys, Looking for a movie about a boy and a spaceship. Its like a silver spaceship that can change shapes. Movie was made in the 1980s I think, and the alien ship was controlled by this little floating red ball thing that always said, "Hello David" in a monotone voice. I told my nephew...
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    Rugby anyone?

    Just curious, who here plays rugby? Still play? What position? When did you start? I play for UCI, winger and outside center! Trying to get into a flanker position though.
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    18.9.5 ET 35, anyone?

    Hey guys, Just curious, has anyone run 18x9.5 wheels all the way around? I've got a friend who has some amazing wheels that I may pick up. I don't even know where I would start with tires, maybe a 225/40/18? I've seen 18x9.5 in the back, just not the front. Anyone with some help or references?
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    Bouncing around some ideas.

    Hey guys. Here's my car: The six slots are gone, expecting some LM Reps in about 2 weeks. I was thinking of painting the faces teal and leaving the lip/bolts polished. My buddy wants my R32 front, which is completely shaved. SO. 1. Teal LM's with GTI front end and teal stripe? or 2...
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    Need to borrow OEM Lugs for 1 week. SOCAL/Irvine

    Hey guys, Looking for a set of OEM lugs for a week. let me know if I can borrow them! -Brandon
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    Happy New Years Eve!

    Have a good one everyone! Be safe! Drink too much and don't drive at all :thumbsup:
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    Favorite Alcoholic Drink to chill on.

    Well, NYE is coming up, and we all know what that means. Partying, kissing, macking out, hooking up, etc. To get everyone to that level, I thought we'd start of a list of some of the crowd favorite drinks out there. Lets hear them, they can be originals (gin+tonic) or ones that you have come...
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    I am an idiot.

    Got a ticket for no front plate 5 months ago, got it signed off the next day, but forgot to mail it in. Went to Beijing for 4 months and just got back. Got hit with 2 points on my license for Failing to Appear in Court, and a 556.00 dollar fine. Had 3 point previously from when I was an idiot...
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    Welcome to my house, and some of my car!

    Merry Christmas guys, had a couple minutes of free time earlier today before all the family got here so I decided to take some pictures of the car and house. Sorry their not expert pictures! :thumbsup:
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    Anyone else going to Vegas for New Years?

    I'll be there from the 31st-1st with some friends, anyone else going to be there?!
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    The slipping clutch thread.

    Hey guys, Been doing some researching and it seems like there are more than a handful of us out there with clutches that are slipping. Most mileage that the cars are at with failing clutches seems to be under 30k. I know some TSI clutches are also experiencing some low mileage clutch problems...
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    Odd reactions under acceleration

    Hey guys, Its been happening more and more often, so I thought it was a good idea to ask all the engine guru's on the site to help me out: If I get on the throttle in third/fourth gear, the engine sounds like it is working, but it seems as if there is a bit of lag time? Its like the car is...