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    Some new pics of me ride!

    Some new pics today: This one would have been good but some dip sh*t SUV owner pulled up and cast a shadow on the car right as I was taking the picture.
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    New pics....Candy White R32

    Took some new ones today....more here:
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    Tin Roof-Rusted! (B52's)??? Hubs actually!

    Anyone one else having rusting of their hubs---the mounting part of the brake disc? What can I paint then with? I assume almost any high temp paint as long as I don't get it on the brake rotor part would work? The finish is kinda textured/rough so I might be able to get away with brushing it...
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    R Suspension lowering issues??? my Neuspeed spring install, aligned and all seemed fine....didn't hardly drive the car due to rain(it was clean and in the garage) and holiday.....sits nice....just right...ride is little harsher than the 06 GLI was but tolerable. Now, it has a popping sounds in the front end like the...
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    New attitude and wheels!

    Got some new wheel/tires and put in the Neuspeed springs and rear bar. I like! Here's a couple of my fav's! One more with some detail:
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    Help cure my mentalness-vote on wheels

    I'm agganizing on wheels again...and hope top make a decision this springs should ship week of the I need to get the wheel here and see if I'm gonna mess with custom painting them or not by me decide what wheel fits best..... Wheel 1: Neuspeed RS10's...
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    Baby got new shoes--I like em

    What ya think? More here:
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    REDUCED-19" Wheels with Nitto 555 Nt Tires-for $1000.00

    On Sale $1000.00 Tires and Wheels On Sale $1000.00 Tires and Wheels On Sale $1000.00 Tires and Wheels They're on sale.....a very nice set of Club Linea Barletta high quality 2pc wheels 19x7.5 with 43 mm offset 5x112 bolt pattern....nice high quality wheels with Nitto 555 NT tires-7,000 on...