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    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    This (the frame should be solid where the axle is by). It's notched because the frame hits the axle on that side when you air out or are super slammed on coils. What was Kirks SN? Haven't seen Jessica for sure.
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    Project racecar. Build #1

    Agreed. Unless you throw a wing on it.
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    A build I am very happy with - got all my info on this forum

    These are the same wheels with 245/40's. He's running 17mm adapters up front with those SRS 25mm wider fenders.
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    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    He's testing me.
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    Project racecar. Build #1

    Hence why you didn't see me at that show hahaha. I was there yesterday for a TSSCC autox though!
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    A build I am very happy with - got all my info on this forum

    The S6/7's are beasts. I just figured you wanted to row your own gears. Plus the S4 is large enough. The S6/7 are boats hahaha. Not a bad thing, but they're better for straight line/highway cruising. That 3.0T engine is still a beast. A friend of mine has one with a tune and pulley and it...
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 10)

    Oh, you just laid and cut the tile? That's the quick(er) part of it. Grout is just tedious haha. Same here. We've had a really damp few days with the roads looking like it does when it's raining. With salt on the roads, white cars start looking like this. I washed mine on Wednesday as well...
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 10)

    I'm on my phone.
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    Official Candy White GTI (B4B4) Pics Thread

    Ecode Tuning has it significantly cheaper. With paint, it'll still probably be around 1200 or so.
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    My "House" Build

    Last year around this time, I started looking at small houses and townhouses/condos. I was paying $1000 a month for a one bedroom apartment and an external 'shared' garage. While the amenities were nice (an outdoor and indoor pool, pool tables, a full work out facility, and tennis courts) and...
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    Next gen Evo to compete with GTR

    If this did happen, it'd be interesting to see Subaru's response.
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    Pictures from Chicago

    It's been awhile since I created a new thread with pictures. On Saturday, we met up at a car meet for awhile, then headed to Chicago. We managed to find a location I've never been to. Enjoy! IMG_5672-edited by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr IMG_5674-edited by g60_corrado_91, on Flickr...