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    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    Thanks! Definitely some things to take into consideration. Looking at Kendo's and I've found a 2014 leftover for $350 + bindings. Seems like a great deal considering Rossi 88's are $650 + bindings. I've tried some Dalbello Aspect 100 for boots but they were not as comfortable as the Salomon's...
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    Ski/Snowboarding Thread

    What are everyone's recommendation for a set of boots/skis for a intermediate/advanced skier? Been renting for the past few seasons and would like to invest in my own equipment. Right now I have it narrowed down to: Boot: Salomon Quest Access 80 Skis: Rossignol Experience 88
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    Ditched the GTI

    How's the 4Runner treating ya? Looking into the 4Runner as a next vehicle to replace our GTI, and keeping our TDI with it. With 2 dogs and possibly our first child in the works feels like its a good candidate as far as reliability, quality, and resale is concerned.
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    Confused by this "dealership" in my area...

    Yeah I'm assuming Bill Vince Acura.
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    2014 F30 335i review

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    To move or not to move?

    I think her saving money is just part of the equation that's adding up to your anxiety. Another part is probably living with another room mate, and how her social life might change now living in Hobo and being so close to the city. And yes, I know a ton of friends and co-workers around our age...
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    GTI K04 Replacement: 2014 Accord Sport....

    Been thinking of the move myself to the 9th gen accord, except I'm looking at the V6 model. Love the look of the coupe, but I've been telling myself to go for the sedan (Touring model) because I want the LED headlights. Low cost maintenance, regular gas + great mileage, and cheaper insurance...
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    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    I believe its LED for lows, halogen for highs.
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    General Car, Inferior or Superior Interior, & Eternal Mullet Barge Discussion Thread

    Will probably trade in the turbo yaris for a turbo impreza before my factory warranty runs out. WRX all the way, no freaking hell I'm paying that much money for another EJ.
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    2015 Subaru WRX STI leaked!

    Would be pretty sad if they kept the 2.5 EJ, and left it manual only. They need to switch to the FA for the STi as well, unless they do something stupid and re-introduce a revised engine at a mid refresh or something.
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    Considering proposing to my girlfriend, seeking advice

    Personally I would use the money to finish your college education and get that degree. Don't graduate out of college with a loan/debt because no one can guarantee you'll get a job even after you graduate. I know you guys have been dating for a while, but don't let that pressure you into doing...
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    2014 1.8T Jetta - This Spark Anyone's Interest?

    Do they have hand held attachments or something? All the carpet cleaners I've seen are full sized ones.
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    Earth Dreams Engine Upgrade Coming to Honda Civic

    Whine is one thing. A known issue is the CVT sounding like rattling rocks inside a tin can. Its sporadic and really jumps out at you when it happens when you're driving next to a concrete divider or inside a parking garage. The thing literally makes you sound like you're driving a shitbox...