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    (4)17" audi S-Line Ronal w/ 225x45-17 michelin pilot sports

    Tires cost a small fortune at 292.99 each. Looking to get a grand out of these at the minimum. Local pickup preferred. Wheels are perfect. Have all lugs and caps. No tpms installed. Factory wheels not reps. Here are the tires...
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    Scirocco Hot Wheel

    Found 3 today.
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    Hit and run

    Saturday night after the parade in downtown Portland my daughter had a green light and was almost thru the intersection when out of nowhere a dark SUV ran a red light and hit her in the rear of her Rabbit. The person backed up and then took off. She has two witnesses but no plate number since it...
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    Parts at dealer-- Why does one quote less?

    So I called to check the availability of a cabin filter for my car and was quoted a price over the phone. Went to a different dealer without realizing on my way to run some errands and they had the part in stock too. When the parts guy told me 22 something I told him I was quoted 17.53. I...
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    Tire under warranty

    Got a bulge in one of our P6 Pirelli tires. It was the size of a golf ball. The dealer could not get a replacement for 5 days. I went to a Tire Factory store and they can get a replacement for me tomorrow. It is being replaced for free under warranty. I totally expected to pay for the tire but...
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    My first ding

    Went to watch a co-worker play soccer tonight and after the game I go to the car and a Ford truck is parked over the line and close to my drivers door. I noticed a 6 inch paint line but it came off, so I took a few pics of his plate number and of his horrible parking job in case there was any...
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    Poor VW

    Not sure who would do this to a VW but caught this Passat next to me this morning got some other shots but this one says it all.
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    REVO for 2.5? 2008 Rabbit

    Any Revo 2.5 owners out there. Looking at getting Revo but they are unable to tell me how much of a HP gain I'll get from it. Interested to hear how much gain I can expect. Cost locally 349 and only about an hour to load the program. Any help? Dropped both exhaust resonators last week...
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    rice tread?

    Can't remember who was posting photos of riced out rides? Any way here is a Geo 3cyl with a big wing, got the shot after putting my rims and tires on the rabbit today.
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    Vag-com help portland oregon

    Need to disable DRL's and TPMS here in Portland Oregon -also would like to turn on windows with remote feature. I am near Clackamas Town Center. Beer or cash?
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    Vag-com help portland oregon

    I need someone to disable my DRL's and turn off the TPMS on my 08 rabbit. Anyone near me to do it? Armstrong refused to do it and Rey Reece could not figure it out. Might want to turn on remote windows too. Willing to pay. Located near Clackamas Town center.
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    Speeding Ticket

    Damn there I go again. So I hit the freeway and paced with traffic for about 40 miles and was hitting 80's and 90's with a group of cars/trucks (5 or so of us). Yep I was speeding I was wrong- whatever. A Chevy Colorado pickup with a mt bike in the back was leading the way for several of...
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    Ripped off outside the house

    So I had some friends over with a older Ginster GTI and we took my new Jetta for a spin since the exhaust pipe work was just done and the H&R's were installed a couple weeks ago. Its a 2008 and they decided they didn't want to go to the dealership and buy one so the couple made me an offer and...
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    Dealership Vancouver Washington

    Dick Hannah dealership listed a ad for a Rabbit and a Jetta. They priced the 2008 Rabbit at 12,988 and the 2008 Jetta at 13,988. Most of the time those loss leaders are sold but yesterday the Jetta was on the lot so I told them I would buy it for the ad price. The salesperson checked the vin...
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    Wiper service mode???

    Someone asked how to put the wipers into service mode and I can't find the OP. Anyway here is how to do it. Turn key on then off and then flip the wipers on with the car off. Wipers stay in the up position.